Get Change

By Aniekan Andikan 3 months ago

I had an urgent call to make so I branched a shop to buy recharge card on my way home from school. It was one of those mini supermarkets that sold everything. From the roadside I could see the “Buy Recharge Card Here” sign hanging and swinging lazily from side to side.

"Hello," I said to the fair skin young lady who was busy poring over her white Samsung Galaxy phone.

Maybe she was checking out the 'likes' and 'loves' and nice comments from the fine pictures she posted on Facebook or Instagram. What else would be bringing the half smile she was trying hard to suppress to her lips? She turned to look at me only after a second hello.

"What do you want?" she queried at once. 

Her face had one of those make up that you had to scrape off your eyebrows and replace them with an eye pencil drawn mark.

She was pretty.

"MTN, one hundred". She gave me, while I was loading it, she continued poring and half-smiling.

Sometimes she giggled silently. Mehn! The comments were funny. Or maybe she was smiling at a bank alert from a sugar daddy or maybe... I brought out the last money in my wallet and in my life and pointed it towards her. She broke eye contact from her phone long enough to take a glance at the One Thousand Naira note in my outstretched hand.

"I don't have change. Go and find change," she was not even looking at me when she was saying it.

She was all in her stupid white phone. It took me too long to think of a suitable response so I just turned like I was about to go and said "Thank you for the recharge card."

I started walking slowly away from the mini supermarket. If she had got off her bleached ass and come after me, she would have caught up with me in five strides. The 1k note was still in my hand. 


I was at my aunt’s shop bored as fuck. On social media nothing interesting was trending. Last week was the bomb! Banky W got engaged and there were posts and tweets and lots of news about it. And later there was this trend "I fell in love with..." it was interesting as there were so many funny posts on it. This week nothing happened. No news, no trend no beef. I was just there at my aunt’s shop dying of boredom when some random guy on Facebook shared a link about where you can read cool stories online. Out of lack of any interesting thing to do, I followed the link and started reading some interesting stories.

Immediately, my boredom flew out of the window as the stories were gripping, sad, pitiful and so funny that I caught myself laughing hard at intervals. 

Just when I was enjoying another funny story, an uninteresting, shabbily dressed guy appeared to buy 100 Naira recharge card with 1000 Naira note. Can you imagine!

I had change but the change was reserved for people that bought plenty things, things that amount to a substantial amount of money. If I use it all on people that buy 100 naira recharge card that we don't even gain from, when the big money people come, I now have to go and find change. No. No. 

I told him I don't have change so he took my money and tried to leave with it. I wasn't going to go into the hot sun and drag money with him but he was getting away with my money, I mean my aunt’s money. Suddenly, I got an idea. I could scare him a bit, teach him a lesson.

"Thief o! Thief o!! Thief!!!" I shouted while pointing at the guy.

The guy did not even flinch, he turned his head to look at me and smiled but continued walking, getting away with my money.

Before he could finish his smile, someone had tackled him to the floor. A man was on him. About 5 other men were coming at him. When they reached him, they descended upon him. Kicking, punching, dragging.

More men were still coming to join them with planks, heavy sticks and iron rods! Oh my God! What have I done! Those men were looking angry. I was suddenly afraid. Maybe I should go and tell them it was a joke. No no! Those men were ready to kill. If I tell them it was a joke, they will turn on me and kill me instead. The guy was already bleeding everywhere. The street that seemed deserted was now chocked with people from nowhere! My God! I can't even recognize him again. What can I do? I felt sick to my stomach.


Ever since I became aware that people die, I had always imagine how I was going to die. I knew that death could sneak up on me suddenly and unexpectedly. I had been dreaming of dying by accident. Some drunken driver hitting me from behind because I couldn't see nor hear him as I was always blasting some loud hip-hop music from my earphones when I was walking on the road. Because of this, I resolved to be walking on the left side of the road where I can see every loose iron beast coming at me.

But this was too sudden and too unexpected even for me. I was not particularly worried about the shameful death. No. The economy was bad and the people will say I was just trying to help myself. Only one person will be blamed for this: The President.

Last thing I did was smile at the babe when she was shouting "thief." Before I knew what was up, I was on the ground. People I didn't know were punching and kicking me. I didn't really understand what was going on. As I was contemplating, more people joined with sticks and iron rods and planks.

I couldn't describe the kind of pains I felt with each blow. Just know that each blow opened up my skin and blood flowed freely. In less than a minute I was soaked with my own blood. Too weak to plead or explain myself. I realized that this is how I was going to die. I was too weak to move any part of me. So I just rolled my eyes to look at her direction. She stood there vomiting.

The stupid bitch was vomiting?! She saw her hand work and was sick? 


Who vomiting epp?

I was furious but not at this mob killing me but at the fair lady for her stupidity. I used my remaining strength to curse her silently.

Stupid bleached bitch! 

As the eternal darkness was waiting to overtake me, I looked at the mob, at their angry faces. They were shouting angry words, hitting at me with anger like I slept with their wives and rushing me like they could not wait to have a piece of me.
I told my soul to remember them. All of them here and make sure all of them exit this world exactly the way I'm about to. Then I embraced the darkness.

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