By KubionoMfonAbasi Okon 13 months ago

There in the ghetto,
from a heavy eye falls blood of  suffering.
wonded by rocks of oppresing vision.
trembling by sight of glitering younglings
tracing the things desire.

at this view,
come favelians screaming in faith.

infant from riches,
provided with everything,
digging the ground? no need, the way is already clear.
in this ghetto,
mixed with tears and pains,
are the literate and the illiterate.
the sky snap our wonds.

through fire we walk to breath,
through mud we toil te leap,
cartons are our bed of roses,
nylons our mantion in making.
but in the future do we dwell.

a pool of water,
they splash on us in unspoken promises.
we are dump at,
but with great motivation we'll yield.

poeple are different,
various countries and ethics cultivate them.
poverty or prosperity,
death or alive,
the dust will return to pixy-allu.

hopeless and hopeful,
sheltered and stranded,
we are all in one planet.

beautiful and ugly,
white and black,
optimistic and perssismistic,
giant and dwarf,
we all need a helping hand.

we are to make a difference,
not minding the roses of medals,
but without leaves the roses are incomplete.

we will persist,
we carry our struggles as gold,
our bravery as diamond,
and we grin to survive.

dont be too proud,
the future is uncertain,
dont be in dismay,
when medals will be our foot stool,
as our journey today,
is our glory tomorrow.

#PenBleeds  #BeInspire


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