By Mukami kuria 7 months ago

Happy New Year ladies and gentlemen.

I am hoping I'm not a little too late to wish you all a great year ahead. Isn't the Lord good? we made it to another year and another decade altogether. I wish I could hear about the things you are grateful for in the past year or maybe things you wish to leave behind, your experiences, the adventures and the lessons. They say if you got to look back let it be for reference well, my year 2019 was not my best year but my heart is full of gratitude that I got to live through it because, despite everything, God is good.

I had major setbacks and I got to levels that felt like rock bottom and I wanted to give up maybe even sometimes I would but other times I lived, I dreamed, I laughed, I loved and I had hope and that's the beauty of life that you really never know what's going to come next.

I want to remember the happy days, the beautiful sunrise and sunset, the breeze, the beautiful conversations, the people, the places, the songs, the good food, the friendship but my mind takes me back to those places I got humiliated, to the nights I would cry myself to sleep, to the mornings I would struggle to get out of bed, the many days I would think of my death and even find it funny, the heartbreaks, the frustrations, the failure, the fear, the insecurities. 2019 was a wild ride rollercoaster.

2020 is here and I am scared, I'm uncertain, feelings of self insufficiency still cling strongly on me and wounds of a broken heart are yet to heal but I am hopeful of a better year, I'm excited about things that are yet to unfold because this is a new beginning, a clean slate. I know you can relate because so is human nature to doubt, to fear change and transition but I hope you will move forward despite these barriers that you will match forward towards that which makes you happy. It will get foggy sometimes, I hope even in those days you don't lose sight of the beauty of life.

When you fail I hope you get brave enough to try again. Smile even when the easy thing is to cry but it is also  okay to cry. Somedays, nights will be sleepless and days will be longer but even then show up and be present because tomorrow will be a better day. I hope you find love, you meet wonderful people, achieve dreams, find new interests and adventure but most of all I pray we will all seize opportunities to be kind, better version of ourselves, be grateful for each day no matter how it looks like, forgive, let go of the hurt we got from the past year.

I hope we are reminded to count our blessings and that God is Good all the time. EMMANUEL God who is ever with us will be good no matter what times and seasons unfold in 2020.

I wish you all a blessed 2020. CHEERS!

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Mukami kuria
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