The Could Haves

By Mukami kuria 4 months ago

I have loved and i have lost

so many times that i just can't  lose again

love doesnt always win, i know

and maybe it doesnt win because its not always love but an illusion.

i need breaking in, to be loved so effortlessly, genuinely and devotedly 

that the wallls i have built would come crumbling down to my knees.

i wish i could teach you  how to love,

or better still i wish you knew how to love me.

maybe a little like i love you? or maybe more ?

but how can i teach you to see me not with your bare eyes but from your heart?

that you may hear me even when i dont say a word.

That your world would completely revolve and stop for a minute when you are with me like it does when am with you.

that you may unfold the pieces of my being that accompany things i say to you like baby am sorry, because i share in your pain too boo. 

hush hush now 

here we are,too close yet so far because this things can only be dwelt with in the place of love so i would understand if you don't understand.

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