By Dada Adetomiwa 12 months ago

In the time of old,
when I was new,
and earth barely started,
the founder of nobles,
destiny & purpose,
united by common goal,
their thought never departed them
they had the selfsame yearning,
to make the world spectacle being,
to pass along their feeling and sense
"together they built and teach man;
a jar of clay,
clay of jar,
a clay jar,
jar made of clay''
their friendship was strong,
unique and pure,
how will such friendship fail?,
I was there and now here,
to tell the whole tale
Destiny says 'we'll teach those whose ancestry is pure,
those whose intelligence is surest'
Purpose; 'we'll teach those with brave deeds of name,
I'll teach the lot,treat them just the same'
the difference cause a strife,
humongous discord
the two pillar,
the duke of being's,
the founders who held up human,
turned against each other,
divided, sought to rule
for a while its seems :
earth & man nearly meet end,
with duelling and with fighting ;
some seek after destiny
some towards purpose
the earth sprang up,
telling man you've not fulfilled destiny,
men rose,
fulfilling purpose
oh for I know the peril,
the signs,
the warning history,
For 'being' is in danger,
from external foes of not fulfilling both,
we must unite inside ,
or we crumble from within,
I have told you,
I have warned you
Fulfil destiny & purpose
I woke from my deep sleep, yearning and oiling my dried lips with little greasy saliva in my mouth, took a mouthful sip of cold tea from the small flask sitting gallantly on the reading table with some sheet of ink filled paper, pamphlet and some voluminous old and new cover book scattered on it, almost forgot that I was still on the old tranquil chair, the gift I got from Olajuwon, a proficient freelancer on my first appointment to write for the UICJ-MSA
'You will need that bruh, it's has been the rituals of our UICJ's family' he paused to pick words again
'if I could remember, as history might have it,our first freelancer on this campus used that, the great Lord MelTedder' he said softly between his teeth, raking his thin thread beards with his hand
'shoo!, baba this one nah artefact' said I jokingly
'I was the last to receive it, and now its yours', keep the tradition' he sang grumpily
'it comes with dreams' he said 'am sure you already had a couple? he added looking out through the window
'Well something of such',never wanting to tell him I just had my fourth 'same' dream, something within doesn't want to; well as a freshman I just like to be in the awesomeness of the moment,he bade his leave
'just like yesterday, many has happened over this five years '
I began to scribble letters of words on the thin sheet on the table about my dream faded off, its occurred to me that I haven't stood up from chair throughout the session of regurgitating Olajuwon & UICJ tradition, the small room seems very quite though I've accustomed to serenity and silence but its seems very deaden of sound, I took another sip of the room temperate tea flask before zooming down to lavatory
I was unable to move a step further as the cackle hinge door close behind seeing a small piece of parchment lies at the marmoreal ground, smoothly folded with a seal so esoteric
'You're the being with,
What you had in the dream,
listen and hear,
what the air is saying
Fill in your gaps.....
bridge the gap
Eagerly looking for more details on the parchment, seeking for more light of information to brighten the text, turned the parchment back all to see an almost vanished ink written text, boldly written
'Conduit of dust,
why are you in pool of thought,
your impenitent heart,
treasure after:
the feathers,
flies of earth'
Anger was burning rave within but still boggles me likewise, a faint letters appear at the extreme corner of the parchment, I could barely read until I move it close to my eye
'O being,
you're a mutual concept,
of this nature,
endowed with gift,
gift of consciousness,
sense to metaphysical,
But don't you think?!,
how short, his days;
on this course; this path earth,
don't be burden,
to the master's plan'
My head was rumbling of thoughts, the heart puff sound echoes deep into mine bloodstream, my mind was racing seeing the same writer's signature name at the end of each rhetorical phrase,is there not something more to this
I reversed back into the small room, forgetting my bladder was primed with liquid
'There must be something more to life than fulfilling just my wants of writing' a placid voice said into my head
'Yes there must be' I affirm, am I not just driven by wants to create fictions and characters, letters of alphabet, but not finding the purpose and destiny curated for it.
''That is my story friends" O.L Eyebiokin said,beckoning to sand of students in the great O.W.L hall
''you're all celebrating men because of their piece of works & patent which you all know too well, its because the real Ghostwriter made them realise destiny and purpose of 'I & world'
"At this University of Life, there are path that will reveal the next phase of the process to you"
'Never for once pursue purpose above destiny, and always ask the GHOSTWRITER, the one who gives authorship of destiny & purpose from his word' He concluded
A young nerdy guy clapped from the corner of the room, it became infectious and the whole room was filled with applause.

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