By Dare Ojuoye 7 months ago


Once I knelt for wisdom

my heart bent on my knees

slept on sand, not for the bliss

still fear smites the unclean

it's heavy on me, the bling and chips

spell it to me why I need so many steels

fling, sling, click and trig... speak please!!!

I have lost so many brothers

whose testimonials rip mein

bloodstains on you his name

spawns through your heart in real disdain

I won't refrain

wards warn with warm words

mind overdosed on false thoughts

who thought not but got lost

from your lust cause - so call all

brethren, lords of houses, the -it men

who sting men to repent

heal them and teach them

for all these bloodstains on our certs

is to aid whose end

your blood-her, ahhhhh

you seek me to reap men

you heal them to the ill realm

I love brotherliness

only not when it courses disorderliness

I will leave this ear

for those whose heart bled

a loved one or a lost one

I pray for you to pray for wisdom

for there is no freedom

only Gods Kingdom


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