Ken,the Next Door Neighbour

By Okechukwu Ukegbu 17 months ago

Ken, the next door neighbour
By Okechukwu Keshi Ukegbu(
The temptation were becoming irresistible for Ken.Clara attempts to lure him into bed are unbearable. Each time Ken wards of Clara's advances, she'd devise others.Ken was in a dilemma whether to default his oath with Ogbaghaja shrine and face misfortune or to continue on that path.But only time will tell how long Ken would contain these temptations.
Kenneth Okwuosa had difficulties breaking through in life.Everything he ventured into was a near success. A solution had to be proffered if not the next option for him was to take his life and he was on the verge of that when Charles his friend intervened.
Though that wasn't the ultimate solution, Ken had to accept it as there was no other option left at that material time. The warning was sound and clear:"Never you contemplate sleeping with another man's wife, the day you do that, your misfortune begins. This is the warning from the great one," the priest of Ogbaghaja declared."I'll not the mighty one,"  Ken concurred.
Clara is a beauty to reckon with.She has been passing advances to Ken since he stepped into 13 Beverly Hills to conduct a survey for an international organisation. Ken is an international consultant of repute.After his undergraduate studies in Nigeria, he proceeded to Harvard to obtain a MBA and stayed back for a greener pasture.
He just secured a brief to conduct a survey for one international organisation. This afforded he a beautiful opportunity to come home since he has spent more years in the US than Nigeria.His initial intentions were to lodge in the hotel since he clients are footing the bills.He had to succumb to the pressure from his elder brother, Prof.Onwudi Okwuosa who insisted that there was no point for Ken to stay away from him since he owns a magnificent edifice in the town the survey is situated.Ken's acceptance of the offer marked the journey to his doom.
Dr. Emma Ike, his wife, Clara and daughter, Chimagozie were occupying a wing in Prof. Okwuosa's building. Dr. Ike, a consultant neurologist was not always around due to the demands of his, so is his landlord, Prof. Okwuosa, a professor of econometrics.
Ike and Clara were facing some challenges since they had their daughter five years ago.Many medical tests have been conducted to no avail. The assurances have been "put up a little patience,you'll conceive". The last pregnancy suffered a miscarriage and Dr.Ike had to withdraw his wife from her banking job because the miscarriage was attributed to stress.
Most times Clara had raised false alarms let in the night to attract Ken to their apartment. When Ken rushes to the apartment hoping to rescue Clara and her daughter from a danger, he would only find her half naked.When Ken inquires what was the matter, she'll only put up flimsy excuses.
Sometimes, Clara would sit in a compromised position while facing Ken. It was a quarter past 3am.Clara has been awake waiting for this moment. There was a horn at the gate followed by a bang. Clara knew that Ken was driving back. She saw him at the early hours of the night driving out with his friends. She knew this was a golden opportunity and she cannot afford to miss it.
She quickly slipped into her night gown without any undies. Even the hardest of hearts can't resist this. As Ken stepped into the living room, a soft voice trailed him behind:" Ken, I've been waiting outside since the night.I don't know what has been terrifyingly us".
Ken looked back it was Clara. He went for the switch as the light came on, Clara' s gown has formed a heaped on the floor. It has been a night of merriment, and Ken was tipsy. He had no other option than to drag her to the bedroom, and Clara followed willingly like a lamb marked for sacrifice.
Clara was worried, her husband has exceeded the one month he told her he was going to spend in his trip to the UK.Just as she was about to step out from the bed her phone rang. Her husband called to inform her that the trip has been extended to four months.
In the past two weeks, Clara has been noticing some changes in her body that indicate pregnancy. She wasn't going to conclude yet until she conducts a pregnancy test.
Clara was waiting expectantly when the lady in her laboratory coat appeared."Mrs. Ike, congratulations, the test shows that you're two and the half months."Hardly had the lady finish announcing when Clara's mood changed. "Madam, anything the matter," the lady asked. "No, "replied Clara.
As Clara stepped out of the gate, her phone rang. Her husband called to announce the extension of his trip to another three months.
For four days Clara and Ken had heated arguments on how best to handle the situation." Why don't we elope since you are residing in the US", Clara suggested to Ken. Ken can't even contemplate that.He proposed to escape and ran back to US since his stay in Nigeria has elapse."But this won't proffer solution to the problem, " Ken thought.
The hospital is at the outskirts of the town.The equipment look decrepit, and nothing qualifies it as a hospital, save for the purpose which it serves-abortion.One smart looking nurse in her immaculate white uniform and blue apron handed Ken and Clara a form to fill.
For some minutes,Ken perused the form for the umpteenth time as if he didn't understand what was contained in it. Finally he penned down his name and appended his signature. He handed back the form to the nurse, but she had to call his attention to an omission in the form."Sir, you forgot to enter your address in the form," the nurse reminded Ken.
"Is there any big deal about that," Ken asked. "Yes we can't proceed if you fail to provide", the nurse answered.
As she handed back the form to Ken to complete the address section, Ken reluctantly completed the section and handed back the form to the nurse.
The expectations were running contrary to assurance Ken extracted from the doctor." Mr. Okwuosa, the abortion will be through in less than 40 minutes", the doctor assured Ken.
Seconds were running into minutes, and minutes into hours. Finally the doctor appeared with worried looks:"Mr. Okwuosa we encountered some challenges during the abortion, and as a result your wife suffered some complications which led to her death.Take heart," the doctor concluded tapping Ken on the shoulder.
As Ken digested the tragic news, the declaration by the Priest of Ogbagha immediately came to his mind:"Never you contemplate sleeping with another man's wife, the day you do that, your misfortune begins. This is the warning from the great one ".
"Doc,doc,help somebody is dying," the nurses chorused. But the intervention could not save the situation as Ken slumped and passed on.




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