Forever Ain't Enough If It's With You I Will Stay

By Naphtali Banda 4 months ago

Circular in shape.

Roamed the universe to find that which I was missing.

Had the cake ready just needed that sweet-tasting icing.

No more searching forever the moment I found my flavor.


Metallic in nature.

Bond that can never be broken,

From my arms you will never be taken,

'cause no burning furnace can melt this bond.


Silver, gold, sometimes diamond.

Precious, priceless, but pointless without you.

You give this ring value, no, wait, you define value

My silver reflecting, diamond shinning, gold standing queen.


As I stand on this altar, my vows to you I will never alter.

As I put this ring on your finger, I vow to be with you forever.

At least that's what the pastor told me to say.

But truth be told, forever ain't enough if it's with you I will stay.

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Naphtali Banda
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