For Allah's Sake

By Raaina Aranmolate 9 months ago

       Chapter One


"Bewaji!" "Bewaji"Maami called with a shrill voice.


ugh can't she just call me by my Muslim name..Monsurah Olabewaji Thomas thought.She left what she was doing and ran to meet her stepmother.


"Asalaam alaikum, Maami you called for me" Monsurah said as soon as she stood before her stepmother who was reclining on a cane chair like the old woman she isn't.


"Bawoni oko mi" She said instead of returning the taslim. Picking her phone up from the plastic table before her, she handed it over to Monsurah "Please help me dial Ireti's number" she said.


Sighing softly, Monsurah opened the contacts icon on the Android phone and searched for Aunty Ireti's number and in no time, gave the phone back to her stepmother after having dialed the number.


"Ireti.. aren't you coming again?... ok just be fast... yes..odabo(bye)"


Monsurah listened to the conversation with dread hoping that Aunty ireti won't be able to make it.


"oni oun oni pe debi.Lo ba mi gbe omi rice kana fun"( she said she'll soon be here.Help me boil rice for her.


With a defeated sigh, Monsurah left for the kitchen, shoulders sagging.


  Ever since nineteen years old Monsurah became a better muslimah and the light of Islam illuminated her, she has bee faced with s so many challenges.Most of them from her family and peers and some of them from her own very self.


    She hadn't expected her family to take it easy on her and even though she had prepared herself for the worst, the insults, humiliations, beatings from several of her family members still got to her.


     Whatever her friends thought of her didn't matter to her anymore. Though she had always been one to care about what people thought of her but now, she wouldn't please people at the expense of displeasing her lord.


    Things would have been tougher if her parents had been alive, she was so certain of that. Her dad had even ruled her against wearing a cap when he was alive. How would he now have accepted the jilbab that she was using now.Her mother on the other hand thought that everything about Islam was primitive and backward despite coming from a staunch Muslim home and going to several Islamic schools. Whatever was primitive about Islam.Her stepmother didn't take it easy also but at least it was better.


          "Bewaji! aren't you done?" called Maami. That made Monsurah snap back from oblivion and that was when she realized that the rice on fire was burning already.


          "Subhannallah!! now Maami will find something to talk about" She said, a feeling of dread on what was to come settling upon her.


        "Ounje yen ti jona abi"(that food is burnt abi).Is that what you are being thought at those Islamic programs you're going to ehn, to be wasting food?? Iwo amuniselohun omo (the Yorubas should be able to understand this).


         Monsurah sighed.She already knew that her mistake would be attributed to Islam.Her stepmother did this time and time again even for the smallest of mistakes, and it seriously hurts.   


        Aunty Ireti's visit was bad as usual, she never missed any opportunity to insult monsurah's jilbab and never failed to make fun of her new way of life and Monsurah was more than relieved when she stood up to go but of course not without passing an annoying remark at Monsurah.

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