Fix Your Manners

By Abegunde Israel 6 months ago

Who you are is very important. Of course, your personality differentiate you from several others of your kind. 
How you approach matters that affects you or someother persons distinguishes whom you are.
Your Good and your Bad. Your successes and Failure, your Progresses and setbacks, your love and hates. All these are pieces that makes your whole.
That is why you need to understand that your moral aspect of life is very important because it is the chief of others.
It out stands all other components of your being most essentially in your daily dealings and interpersonal relationship with other people.
The society has a lot of people in it. Each with his own way of living and as to matters are being approached is many definitions. The human finger best describe this that “we are not equal”.
It’s good to know that wherever your name is mentioned. Be it a social gathering, School, Home, Office or your place of worship. Something comes to the minds of whom your name is being mentioned and of cause, who mentions it.
This is the bone of contention,what comes to the mind of whom your name is mentioned and who mentions it? Is the good or badside of you? Would they in anyway generate hatred for you or be joyous in relation to how good you are?
What impression do people give to the mentioning of your name in your absence?
Second is when your presence is felt in a gathering of people. Do they run or stay? Do they quote from your unedifying words? Do they silence your contributions or probably sway it aside ?
Who are you? What is the moral logo that describe your personality?
First impression they say does last longer. 
Do you water grounds with sweet memories?
Every where you step, the memory of your presence lingers still.
How do you affect others?
It’s amazing to know that many people today suffer from this very moral illness of life that kills even faster than the world’s deadliest disease.
When you are not loved, recognised or the logo of your moral life creates bitter memories. Life becomes a place of struggle for survival.
This very attitudinal status of yours should read a message that brings hope to the hopeless, a one that gives life to the lifeless, one that raises the fallen. One that brings joy and nourishes the soul of others. Oh yeah! It should have the best approach to matters arising. You then be a problem solver.
Dear reader, Do not toy with your moral standards because it affects people around you. And probably if you have in anyway been a nuisance to people around you, give your life the best approach by fixing your manners first.

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