Seven / Seven

By Uchendu Njionye 6 months ago




City reek of red liquor 

screams of fear suppressed by

sounds of hot steel and

fists taking turns to inflict horror upon flesh. 

17souls sent on endless wander 

7bodies hospitalized with less escape from the open womb of hungry earth . 

Axemen feeling High 

bagers becoming owl on daylight 

Egede the birds whisper 

Dodorima! Dodorima!, the wind flutter, 

Sons of men dancing surugede. 

Tell me, 

If your mother's hut be little for your play

and the evil forest we gift you, 

will you hunt on ghost? 

can you make spirits pay? 

Tell me, 

Who mimics the gods and tell the tale? 

Who starves the oracle and escapes the locusts visit? 



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