Family Relation

By Ubah Kingsley Emylite 8 months ago

Family Relationship



Happened to wake to see this future

Rounding the pillars of my faith


This wont be a promise 

Rather the day of remembrance


Hear closely the cry 

And you woul understand the pain it patronize


Run and hide till eternity

Or stand to face this ugly picture of urs


Tomorrow would be of great omen

Yet we still got today to fight


Pay close attention to them and then

Discover the lingerie happiness in peace


This wont be the last 

Karma repeat s 


Dont draw ur hope yet

The future still got some recipe


This is the future 

Yet the past


Breath them closely 

And get drunk to the aroma


Filled with words 

Yet nothing to talk about


But surely shall thee phrophecy

Life remains a game


Play each card 

Like its the last


Remember each line 

Is a "quote" on its own




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