Falling In Quarantine

By Emmanuella Offiong 4 weeks ago


2020 hasn't been the easiest of years but it is a new month and we are going to make the best of it.

Most of us have had it rough these past months emotionally, physically and otherwise and that's completely okay. A pandemic tends to put us in a state of sheer panic, anxiety and in fact, an entire rollercoaster of emotions.

As weeks lead-up to days to the end of quarantine, I want to ask you "how are you going out of quarantine?" Take your time to answer and be thoroughly honest in this evaluation. I have read lots of articles about how we should focus on overcoming the pandemic and focus on getting our real lives back and so on, but I ask "what was your 'real' life like?" Was your pre-pandemic lifestyle a lifestyle you were truly proud of or were you struggling with life on a daily basis?"

Social media has a fun way of allowing us escape our realities and sometimes allows us the luxury of relishing in our fantasies that we completely forget our realities. Now, before our "love yourself" geng will come and attack me, I'm not saying as individuals we shouldn't focus on overcoming the pandemic and all but we should not let the pandemic be the only things we are concerned about. We are helping mankind and the Earth by staying at home but now we need to help ourselves. A lot of us tend to slack on ourselves at the slightest opportunity. For example, some of us haven't tended to things like our hair ever since the lockdown started with the excuse that "nobody will visit me", "I'll do it after the lockdown" and so on. In this way, we create problems for ourselves especially health-wise. So let's assume the lockdown ends in August so your hair and your body will be unkept till then?

We are currently having a pandemic, a pandemic is not the end of the world!

Stay safe and live life!

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