Faith Of An Atheist

By Tapiwa Ndaba 2 weeks ago

Are the images depicted in my brain the same as those depicted in yours?

Human suffering, wars between people of the same blood, diseases and gender-based violence.


Which makes me wonder where God is,

is He watching over us or watching us over some popcorn, because clearly, He is the director,

All these events are stated clearly in the Bible, was this His plan all along?


Why would the all-knowing God have a plan in which He would win and redeem less people and lose to the devil, did He not win the battle between the devil and himself, did He not take away the keys already.

He said it himself, He said “The battle is not yours but the “Lords”

Then help me understands why we are still battling the enemy.


Which makes me think about the love that He boasts about,

He even said he gave His only begotten son to die for us, the ultimate sacrifice for all this suffering.

Funny thing is, how is this the ultimate sacrifice when He knew very well that His son was going to miraculously resurrect on the third day?

Was there really a sacrifice?

Does He really “love” us?

What is God trying to tell us?

Is He trying to tell us to stop being children of God and start being adults of God?

To stop being naïve.

Well, what I have learnt is that as an individual you manifest what you believe in and if we stop believing in the “Holy Bible” that has brought us nothing holy and start believing in ourselves, in our dreams and visions then maybe all will be well.

The Holy Bible, a book that our corrupt leaders use to manipulate us and live lavish from our pockets.

This is the same book that is full of rules and critiques,

The same book that tells us how He will brutally judge us yet

He said He knows our every move,

How do you programme something and expect it to behave differently?

Is this the freedom you were talking about?

I am talking about the same tool they used during slavery to oppress our ancestors,

 Is the Holy Bible really “Holy”?



The perfect place for perfect people,

As imperfect creatures, I doubt we would ever walk through the gates of heaven

After all, this place is too good to be true.

I am not questioning the existence of God I am just worried that maybe He forgot about the same creatures He breathed life into.

Or maybe when the time is right for Him, He will make a way.


Dear God, I hope you realise that this was supposed to be a cry for help

But have not your people cried enough.

This would be the perfect time to show up and show of,

Show us Elohim, the all-powerful creator,

Shield your people through these trials and errors Jehovah Shammah,

Show us Rapha, Sabaoth.

My faith is as small as a pea but Jehovah Mekaddishkem sanctifies me.

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