By Daniel Soundfreak Nkanga 17 months ago



I'm so weighed down;

So depressed!


My feelings: non to be shared with.

My predicaments burn inside me like a wild fire

My emotions overwhelm my actions

My spirit is so dejected —

no traces of happiness found.

My eyes: dull with internal anger

My courage denies me when needed

My brilliant conscience suddenly gets blurred

And my once clear images seem to mix freely.


Anger rises up my throat and wallows down my air-pipe.

Each acknowledgement of life

bubbles anger in me more angrily, more furiously.

Hatred for many shoots through me with a shiver.

I feel betrayed by life itself.


I'm scared.

Scared of the world and those living in it.

Scared of the guts of men:

of their rudeness 

of their greed and deceit

of their smiles and laughter

of their kindness and sweet words

of their stupidity, so dangerous!

Oh! I'm scared of the capabilities of men.


Man fries the beauty out of nature

Man, if you're not careful, can take away everything you have ever worked for or own.

Man can drain happiness from you

Man can sink down your lively spirit

Man can be so harmful

Man can be so hurtful

Man can be so disappointing, betraying and untrustworthy

Man can make you tired of living

Man can make you get fed up!


But above all these,

I manage to twist my cheeks into a smile.

A smile that hurts me deep down —

deceiving you to believe that I'm a normal going being.

A smile that expresses nothing.

And under this smile: the pains are all. hidden away.


By: Daniel "Soundfreak" Nkanga

      ( @iamSoundfreak)

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