By Jason Joshua chigozie 23 months ago

What has fate in store for me? 

Riches,  Hapiness and all the best? 

Poverty, misery and all the worse? 

I must now have my fortune unfolded 


To the astrologer I found my way

My birthdate I told him, the stars he read

By love! you are a Taurus " he shouted"

Rejoice for your future is really bright.


In a mallam's hut I soon found myself

The Koran he read, the tusba he counted...

Allahu-akbar! He sighed with joy

Allah has given you a promising future.


Inside the church I knelt in prayer 

Holding and kissing the bible

Oh father in heaven, the pastor finally said, thanks for giving thy son such a glorious future


Before a spiritualist my fourth pose I made

He poured libation  with the dead

Your ancestors has promised you a splendid future he said. 


Walking back home I met a psalmist

My psalm he read to me

Drawing figures on the ground he spoke

Lucky soul!  You have an enviable future


Expecting riches, hapiness and all the best

Why then should I cry? 

For indeed the fortune tellers have confirmed that my future shall be bright. 

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