By Ariah Williams 14 months ago

  At exactly 14:30 hours I hopped out of school and headed to the salon to get my hair treated.While faded thoughts of the accident I barely escaped last night lingered,I saw a man approaching with a hand cart that was fully stocked with Bollywood series so I steadied my gaze on the items in the cart.

  From my end I could see titles like Twist of fate,King of hearts,Veer,Bergusarai and lots more.The man was looking at me intentionally and his eyes were saying something.

  They said-"Hi young lady,you do not have to follow Zeeworld's structured programs,I have all their series here,you can pick them and watch all at once"

  Trust my eyes,they responded.Guess what they told the man...they said "Oga,you're looking at the wrong girl"

(My wise eyes) hehehehe.


Ps:Sometimes our facial expressions are loud enough for people to hear.

(From the diary of a communicator:Episode 1)

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