By Bolaji Seyi 5 months ago

The dreams are hanging and the visions are now blurred. What exactly has happened to the big ideas, the wonderful opportunities, the great investments, the outstanding talents and gifts? Imagine how far you have gone to lose those things now. Come on, it's too late to give up the good thoughts. 


Fear is a threat, the more you wear it, the more it tears you. Fear destroys and dumps you at the same position for years. There is so much danger in believing in your fears, don't listen to it, it can kill you, fear is a threat. You may get tired of matters but it shouldn't discourage you, throw away fear and say farewell to it. So many times, losses, dangers and disappointments never exist, we create them by giving fear a chance. Tell me, how long will you keep on accommodating fears?



Dreams have been shattered because of fear. Fear will make you lose focus in life, you will automatically find pleasure in procrastination and will be so busy with depression, worries and mournings. There is no situation you cannot bear, don't ever allow fear to wear you out, you are so dear. Stories have been told of people who lost great opportunities in life for fear, don't wait until it kills before you learn, don't wait for cure when you can actually prevent it.


It may take you so much to achieve but it won't be too long before you receive much. Hold on, such is worth the wait. Don't faint, paint a beautiful future and gain. When fear tells you failures are permanent, challenge it by going deeper for success.


Face your fears because you are capable and unstoppable. Fear is a bastard, it's got no right over you. You are able, remember. Begin to live your dreams, the future is brighter than you imagined. Fear is a threat and you must never listen to it. If fear says it is difficult to attain, break the record. If fear says you are not capable, challenge it and let the world see your capability. If fear says you are a failure, prove to the world that you are a success. Say no to fear. You are not a slave to fear.

Bolaji Seyi (Seyiwryte)

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Bolaji Seyi
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