Evergreen Isle Of Passion

By Archwealth gates 5 months ago



We painted the world in magenta, we lucidly dive into our mind to bring out the magic from the bedrock where it resides.


We say a wonderful word through a thousand emotion.


A million thoughts we convey through an array of unending sweetness that supersede the lingering flavor of an honeycomb.


We missed the feeling of a lost memory , we found it lurking in the dew of a new dawn.


We take a birds eye view of the city of roses , the feelings it instigates is like the tide of a streaming ocean

Gradually it builds up an evergreen pyramidal isle of passion that knows no bound.


We shook the world with hysteria like the luminaries of a golden sun ,putting an end to an arctic age long ice age.


For people who hasn’t explore the complicated labyrinth of life , it manages to play a clip for them through the life of other , An interlude to show us the preface of life.

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