Eternal Love

By Adebimpe Owoseni (adebimpepenultimate) 14 months ago

Yours poetically, Phoenix Lovelace d poet. 


If I am skilled like 

Nigel North or James Galway, 

   If I could 

Play the finest lute 

   Or flute ;

If only I could, 

   I would 

Make each string

Wiggle like ripples 

Upon the sea ;and warble 

    In a 




If I could 

Make beautiful notes, 

That spellbound angels 

Like lambs caught in headlights, 

Indeed, if I  could 

    I would. 


Or if I could 

Write endless verse

That supersedes 

All of the bard's ;

And wax angel's heart, 

Indeed, if I could 

    I would. 

But this is the common truth:

The notes, these lines, the lute ;

 And the flute 

Cannot fathom

   An atom

Of my love for you. 


If I could, 

With my wobble hands 

Make striking hues 

Or if I could 

Sculpture clones 

  Out of stones, 

And try to make

 Shapes and shades of you, 

  I would .

But this cannot portray 

A glimpse of the

Beauty of you. 


Even  tears of the clouds, 

 The waters in oceans ;

And morning dew 

Cannot quench my

   Love for you.

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