By Ekene Daniel 2 months ago


Remember the other day when you took me aside?

And caused me to look into your eyes

Our eyes met

I remember what I saw

I saw burning ice in those eyes.

And the eyes wept.

My fragile heart wept too.


The rhythm in the air seemed to correspond with our heartbeats

Then, the atmosphere became colourful

Then, time stopped

Then, the universe seemed not to exist

It was just us.


This is not love at first sight.

No, it’s not.

It’s the language of the universe.

It was you casting your spell on me.

You enchanted me!


But I am yet to forgive you.

Neither have I forgotten,

How you made me look straight into those burning eyes of yours

How you led me through to your heart

Then I fell in love with you

You noticed it

And you stopped me

You stopped me from loving

How could you be so heartless?


Yet your beauty beclouds me

Her canny, wow!

My weakness

Her body still carnalizes me

And her touch leaves me paralyzed


But I must let go

Maybe it’s what she wants

Maybe, its God's will



But I know I will see her again

And the next time we meet

I will ask her to look straight into my own eyes

Then, she will tell me what she sees in them


And maybe, the spell she has cast on me be broken

Or maybe be transferred to her

Then, I will gladly watch as she begs for my love

Because, then I become the Enchanter.


Copyright @ Nnechi E. Daniel


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