By Paula Oko 8 months ago

This is not a story. I may continue or I may leave it.


    Growing up in Otukpo, I have always been a girl with a carefree spirit.  Whenever I was done from school, I spent most of my time visiting friends since I am an only child and her father was always to be busy with work to monitor her movements.  

     I had killed her mother when I was coming to this world. Well technically, I didn't killed her mum on purpose but the thing is a lot of women lose their lives during childbirth and it was only unfortunate that my mother was among such women.  

      At first my father had ignored me but as I grew and became a replica of my late mother, he seemed to pay more attention to her.  

       At 17,I didn't crave his attention as she once did because even from a young age she could tell from his eyes that he blamed her for his wife's death.  I have long made peace with this and has found solace in her friends.  

       Otukpo or Texas as its popularly called because of its red sand is a local government area in Benue State. It is a bubbling place and have people from all parts of Nigeria residing there tho the idomas (Ena's tribe) are the majority.     

      Since idoma language is mostly spoken here, its very common to see people from other tribes speaking the language.   

      Otukpo is always awake 24/7 and it's because of this I wasn't scared to walk the streets late at night. I had earlier wanted to sleep over at her friend Enekole's house since her father was out of town but the unexpected arrival of  her friend's  boyfriend has force me to go home.  

       I had my earpiece in my ears and was listening to Chris Brown's the 80's as I was walking home and wasn't paying attention to her surroundings and that's probably the reason I hadn't seen the two men until they were right in front of me. One of them was pointing at knife at me while the other one pulled my earpiece out of my ears.  

        "Give me your your phone or else I will kill you. " The one with the knife said. 

But I was reluctant to part with her phone so I grabbed the guy's hand that held the knife and we started to struggle, the other guy tried to pull my hand off the knife but somehow I got hold of the knife and when the first guy rushed towards me, I instinctively swung my hand forward and stabbed him and as he fell down bleeding the other guy ran off into the night 

     I stood there soaked in blood, uncertain about what I should do next until a car started to turn into the street that I realised that I had to run away before anyone saw me and so I started running and didn't stop until I was at home, as I tried to open the door I realised my hands were trembling so I calmed herself down and opened the door and went inside the house and locked the door 

    I just stood there in the darkness not even bothering to turn on the lights as my mind raced and I trembled with fear, I couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened and I sank to the floor and started crying. 

     I must have cried myself to sleep because the next thing I remembered  was me waking up on the floor and it was morning and her body ached from the awkward position I had slept in.

    I stood up and turned on the TV hoping to cheer myself up, the first thing I saw on the screen was a breaking news alert as a reporter on the stood on a street  saying that a body that was found earlier down the street has just been identified as the son of a prominent politician in the state.

    It just occurred to me that there would be a serious investigation into the case and i was scared that the other guy may be able to identify me and I started to contemplate leaving the country.


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