By Bello Sodeeq 10 months ago



i heard it been defined as the rate of justification

that cruxify foe and their hate towards dedication


i found my soul roaming in a realm where love is convicted of heinous crime

for her doting feature even when hypocrisy struck its bayyonet during mesmerizing (he)art of time


I summoned courage &

set her free from the valley of death

till i reached for the reviving avalon's lake in the bewildered earth


Love safed, knight hailed & peaced trailed

bravo! a double-phased honour

being a conqueror & emperor

love was announced the empress

should i pronunce love as an unbeffit for these amorous crown

if i had known i wouldn't have seated a mere abstract figure on the throne

that suit not a clown


i was dumb in solitude

on a path we both tread paripasu

brawling lie-horns keep fiercing fervently

i hope you will redeem your vows 

until i realise you have feign me with your haunting harmony like row of bows


you weild a sword of bitter-bliss:

with shield of delight

& dagger of despair


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