Emi"lia 2

By Alex Lawless 15 months ago

Three months already,

Oh! how time flies,

It was 6 in the morning and the dawn of the weekend, Jesse Ziggler the Calabar charmer, went jogging and hiking,from sipi falls to the peak of the mountains.

He is a lover of nature, so, chilling in the ranch was like ice cream with strawberry flavors, hiking up the mountains must be so lovely, he needed the exercise to keep body and soul lively,with hopes of reconnecting with nature if he be found worthy.


7 a:m and his phone rings,

No kidding, it was Mamacita el cute sister, if only she knew how much he'd missed her, her soft sweet name remains Emi'lia, and this time, her voice sounded similar to  that of the lady he laid at the bar.




Jesse, on the line?

Sure, you are on to your Cally choco.


They both giggled while he imagined her dark dimple, she kept the call straight and simple.

Still on vacation in Calabar?

Yes, Mrs,

I am,

 jogging up the mountains,swimming through the oceans, and doing everything Calabar carnival and tourism offers.

Wooow! and that would imply that you are looking all sweaty?


As a matter of fact,

I haven't stopped sweating all morning.

Oh sugar, reminds me of your sweaty body on mine on the bar table.

Chuckles! Reminds me of you screaming non-stop on that same table.

I've missed you Jesse,

Come again?

I said I've missed you, and i want to see you,I'm sending my jet to pick you, so park up your stuff, vacation is over, and there is work to be done I'm back from honeymoon.

Can I reject the offer?

Nope, you can't, you don't have a choice, except you want a married woman as your prisoner of war.


But that doesn't sound so bad,

It would be when I pull up in your mummy's house,


don't do that, just say please and I'm all yours,

Naah, just come through, and I'll say please hit it like it's all yours, now, that sounds interesting.

I'm almost home,

I'll just have to freshen up and I'm ready to rock and roll.


One more thing sugar, don't send your jet to the main airport, there's an airstrip just 20km from here, it's called babi airport, have your jet pick me up from there.


Ok prince charming, he'll be there, See you soon.


In an hour thirty minutes the jet should be at babi airport,

He had to cut short his exercise, so he can get ready for some sexercise, he headed back to the ranch house, freshened up, and got ready to cruise.


In no time he was ready but in no hurry, he waited for her call patiently, smoked pot slowly, listenend to the birds sing beautifully, enjoyed the beauty that resides in the natural plains of Ogbudu cattle ranch, while mapping out strategies for his next kinky adventure.


The call came through, he picked up the call along with the car key.

Helloooooo charmer,

Yes sugar,

The eagle has landed,

I'm on my way already,

My driver awaits you at the hanger in MMA I really can't wait to see you my Cally choco.Same here my Black Diamond.


He ended the call and zoomed off, In a few hours, he had touched down Muritala Muhamed airport, Lagos.

He was picked up as he had been told, and driven to a luxury mansion in a deserted area, It was a lonely road, he had begun to wonder why she chose this area over the best luxury hotels on the island.


It's a natural environment, crowned with beauty and splendor, the Mansion was a wonder, it's design was ancient, but it was a mansion worth billions.


When the car came to a halt, he stepped out all smiles showing off his properly arranged white set of teeth, his breathtaking smiles and pointy nose are the few things that makes him so attractive, his height and broad shoulders always gives him a fierce look, his beards and sleek hairdo gave him a tender but masculine look while his shiny pink lips made him the apple of every ladies eye.


He felt alive when he saw her walk down with so much grace, nott overdressed, just simple as always, from her smiles, he could see the dimple he had so missed.

When she got closer, he held her by the a*s, looked into her eyes and said, "your dimple is so pretty, it makes the stars twinkle even sir whittle, would love to rise from his grave to come  fiddle with that pretty dimple, I know you'll be so excited to do the wiggle so you can give life back to even the cripple"


She laughed long and hard, 

"You are one mofo, Jesse, thanks though, hope you enjoyed your flight"

"Who wouldn't, I enjoyed every minute on your jet."

"Well, I"m glad you did because now you have to show me how much you enjoyed it."



She signals her bodyguard to take his things to one of the rooms, while she held his hands and took him to the other room, it's a dark room.


She turns on the light and it's a big room with just a table directly under the light and a chair across the room, the table has a pistol, a bottle of rum, some hard currency a safe and a map on it.


She sits on the edge of the table, pours the rum into the glasses, just when he sipped his, she whispers, "won't you love to tie me up and just screw me like I'm  your prisoner?"


He answers slowly,

"yes, I will love to," while loosening his belt, only after you beg me to hit it like its mine.


Oooh daddy,

please hit it like it's yours.


In the euphoria of the moment, he tied her up with his belt, bent her over, and dealt with her like a master punishing a disobedient slave.


He pounced on her back and forth, for he had missed her so much, from her expression it was obvious she missed him even more, the stallion dug so deep she couldn't help but scream his name, with songs of love and praises to that name.


After hours of back and forts, the stallion was ready to pour some hot sauce, and she mumbled "I'll love to tie you up and suck it off you bit by bit"

He obliged, and she tied his hands while he sat on the sit across the room to receive the best mouth job ever.

She made so sure he enjoyed it, as she swallowed the sauce bit by bit.


While he was still in the euphoria of good sexercise, she grabbed the pistol and aimed it to the back of his head.


The worst time to kill a man is when his guards are down,Jesse had been tied up and still recovering from something out of this world when he heard the gun cock.


"What would be the headlines if I pull the trigger" she demanded,  " I think it would be Man murdered without a trial and no reason for his execution."


She walked over to him, stooped to his level, looked into his eyes and scolded!

"Take a look at me again, don't I look familiar?


Should I say similar to the girl you met at the cinema?"


"Yes, I must confess you do look familiar, but then it's impossible!"


She drives the pistol to his forehead, why is it impossible ettekamba?


"Because she should be in a prison somewhere across the globe"  he stammered.

"Good, so good, your retentive memory is dope!"


"Well, it's me your once upon a time innocent Emi"lia,by the way, hope you like the new look, had to do some facelift even had to enlarge my boobs and a*s because I know how much you crave ladies with thick things."


"Now if you don't mind, i'll like to know what happened after I sold you hard intel, after I drew you a perfectly planned hit like tinsel, for once I trusted in a man's council!  Yet you took me for a fool the moment you emptied the vault along with those jewels, seems you forgot who handed you the treasure map, after everything I did for you Jesse, you choose to double cross me? You choose money over "Us!"

"Answer me before I blow your brains out" she shouted!

"It's rather unfortunate it took this long to figure out that it is really you, and yes my black diamond, you look heavenly with the a*s and the b***s, Is'nt it funny how you had to do surgeries just to look so good for me? I think that means you still love me or better still you love my ever satisfying rod, anyway, what do I know?"


"I'm sorry I left you, I know I should have told you, but time was against "Us" so I did what I thought was better.

A night to the heist, I intercepted a grand plan by the crew to take Us out immediately the job was done, I needed an escape plan but lacked ideas at that moment so I called up Terri, he came up with a simple plan of drilling a  5.5km long underground tunnel from the bank's vault to somewhere safe just a few streets away from the crime scene. At the other end of the tunnel, he made sure an unattractive car was stationed.

The plan sounded brilliant so I paid him to execute, while I tried my best to get rid of every trace of your involvement.


I knew that the moment I escape, the mission would be jeopardized and the police would round the crew up, yet I had faith that you would trust me enough to be at our rendezvous.


I waited for you at the spot you asked me to, tried reaching you on the phone but your number was switched off, I waited for hours but you never showed up, only to put on the radio and hear that you've been arrested in connection with the robbery.


My crew needed "Us" dead, I did what I felt was best just to keep "Us" safe,and keep me alive, I'm sorry if keeping "Us" alive meant I had put money over "Us," you are my gun and I'm your trigger I could never let anything come between "Us."


By the way, how do you think you got out of jail so early?


"You must think you're talking to that little girl you used to know Jesse! The only reason you are still breathing is because  you're more useful to me alive. I have a job for you, and ironically, you're the only killer in the world capable of pulling it off if not I would have killed you at the bar, I'm sure you had thought I was just another of your conquest, and just so you know, every top model you took back to your paint house bugged it, right now, you can't hide from me Jesse."


Jesse clears his throat and stammers. "I don't work anymore, I have money now, I have a degree in aviation, I want to fly planes and own an airline, find another man for the job and kill me if it makes you happy"


She smiles at him, walks back to the table, drops the gun and declared,

"I love your ambition, but once a killer,  always a killer, I'm your gun you are my trigger remember? I choose a target you make the kills, don't do it for me, do it for the future of your unborn son"


Yes, Jesse,

Son! "I'm carrying your baby, and if you do this job! at age five our son would be a billionaire, a life our parents couldn't give us"


Slow down, I don't understand a thing you're saying, maybe it's because I'm tied up and everything seems to be happening so fast, are you saying you are pregnant and I'm the father?

"Yes, Jesse! I" m pregnant from our encounter at the bar, your juices have ushered me into motherhood.


So, what is it going to be my Calabar charmer? You take the job or you take the bullet, choose wisely.


"I'll take the job" was all Jesse could mumble, for once his soul was humbled.

"Now you sound like the man I fell in love with, anyways, once the job is done, I"ll invest in your airline idea as a form of payment, and we would co-own the airline, you would be the C.E.O on peppers when we both know who owns the business venture, I'm sure your kinky mind would love the idea of f**king your boss."


"Your offer is highly motivating, you just inspired the perfect name for the brand "AirMilia!"


"AirMilia sounds perfect, you just have to agree to one thing before we proceed"


"And what could that be?"


"You see, the thing is, you got me pregnant, but I'm someone's wife now, I told you because you deserve to know due to our love story from the past. I need you to sign a legal document denouncing your ownership of my son, he would grow up to know you as an uncle, friend, extended family member or business partner whichever suits you. Agree to this and we have a deal, besides you owe me the heavens for watching me go to jail"


Ettekamba a.k.a Jesse Ziggler didn't envision this, neither did he expect this, he always wanted to start a family with the Emi"lia he used to know, seven years later she is pregnant for him but wants him to go through the pains of watching his son call another man father, he knows how angry she is and he has no choice so he agreed, and even requested for the legal documents so he can append his signature immediately. She gushed "don't be in a hurry, my lawyer would bring the documents over by tomorrow"


"Now that we have an understanding,

Who is the target?"


She kept mute for some minutes contemplating on if she should reveal who the target is or not.


"I asked a question hun, who is the target?"

She poured herself some rum, sipped it, and walked over to me.

"The target is my husband the king of the Arabian peninsula, he has a personal army of Twenty thousand men,the royal army boost of thirty thousand more"

"Why would you want your husband of barely four months dead he insisted?"

"You are being unprofessional Jesse, but if you play you're part well I would rule as Queen of the Arabs till my son, our son comes of age to be the crown king of that oil-rich country, besides my husband is a tyrant just like Jamal Al Fayaad, men like him don't deserve to live."

"And who are you to decide who gets to live or die he asked? I'll do the job because you'll blow my brains if I don't and for the kid's future, but with an army like that,I doubt my chances at pulling it of, its suicidal but since his death makes you happy, powerful and rich I'll gladly be your trigger, I failed you once, I would try not to fail you twice, and would use this as a means to win back my black diamond."






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