By Juliet N. 15 months ago



effort is just  six words put together. 




That six words are powerful enough to kill dreams and vision or to push dreams and vision. 


First let's look at the definition of effort


Effort is The amount of work involved in performing an activity.


So I had to do some research


And I discovered, effort starts from the






 If you have never put in any effort of thinking, 

Then you can't put in any effort in working.

 If you've never put in any effort in making decisions, 

Then you can't put in any effort in activities. 


Now let me break it down


I don't write out of brain,  I write out of pain. 


I said to myself

Juliet you should be making lots of money at the end of every month oooo


I declared it

I prayed it

But I did a mistake 

I did not plan it. 


February 2018 i became angry with myself, 


I asked

Juliet what's wrong with you na. 


Why are you not making so much.??? 


I knew the problem 

I thought about the problem

But I never pondered on the solution. 


Effort like we defined is

The amount of work involve in performing an activity.


Do we know thinking is an activity???? 


I guess we know..... 






Think with your mind

Memorize with your head

Pray with your heart

And get the results in your hand



Your first effort or activity should start from the mind.... 


Ponder on them.... 


Our God is a God of principles

When you obey then you will get results...

I was looking at a scripture

The Bible said..... 



Turn to the Lord 

Resist the devil

And he shall fly


Many times we are resisting the devil when we've not turn to the Lord 

Trust me the devil will not fly. 


Back to my story

So I decided to go for more training,  attend some classes

To help me more

 I never understood something

I never understood the power of pressure. 

I never understood the power of pondering...

Your effort ( activity)  should start from your mind. 


 When your mind is blank,  your life  is black. 


 Few weeks letter 

I started thinking so deep, I started having my first stage of effort in my mind,  and trust me,  i got massive results...


My point is

 Don't wake up in the morning and start jumping up and down, looking for results, 

Where as,  last night all you were busy thinking about was that interesting movie you watched,  or that interesting game you played.


Our minds needs plans... 

Our head needs reminder

Our heart needs dedication. 

Our body needs implementing. 


Then our life's needs results


This is January





And get results.




Written by Mrs Juliet .N. Duru

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