Drawing Virtues

By Elekula Ayobami Sam 7 months ago

Virtues are useful qualities, every man is a vessel but what you become defines whether your vessel is useful or not, for every vessel to carry value it must draw virtues, when a Potter designs a special pot. People prefer that to any other one, so the influence of every man is limited based on the limit of his value, your value defines your relevance. It is virtues that determines Value, you can only act according to what you have in you. One of the main channels of drawing virtues is Faith, who or what you believe in will decide what you will possess and who will believe in you. If you must be a Vessel of great value, you must be a man of violent faith. Strongly believe in God and yourself, another channel of drawing Virtue is Obedience, without counsel purposes are disappointed. If you must draw virtues then you must be obedient, without contradiction the less is blessed of the better, so Obedience to a higher knowledge automatically invites Virtue into human life. The third channel of drawing virtues is Taking Responsibility, taking responsibilities helps you to know your weaknesses and strength. Knowing your weaknesses does not define your failure if only you can transform your weaknesses into Strength.

It's time you arise and start drawing virtues, men of Virtue are always wanted because staying with them exerts a high level of influence on men. Virtues can come in the form of wisdom, knowledge, anointing and even power. There are other channels as I will be discussing them in full in the next article.

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