Down In The Dumps

By Jessica Wellington 7 months ago

...and we're here again

trapped in the abyss of our own feelings.

The world rotates,

we float,

up and down,

different directions,

after all,we're still...down in the dumps


...this love

as ephemeral as day,

seems so far away.

Grasping it is hard.

Letting go even harder

and I beg ,

Lift me up,

...lest i wallow in this dump


...bold and beautiful

like a high flying gele on my African scalp,

That's how I felt when you were here...

but you're gone,gone,gone 

I beg to stand ,

my feet grows cold.

I beg to talk,

my lips seem filthy enough.


..."another meal,please?"

life's served me a bitter,

sour meal.

I can either eat,

nor reject...

Done and dusted,

Down in the dumps,I lay

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Jessica Wellington
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