Don't Run, Baby, Dont Run

By Olajesu Fiyinfoluwa 10 months ago

Don't Run, Baby, Don't Run by Olajesu Fiyinfoluwa


When life throws it's dummy spits 

on you & it seems the sky is

collapsing on your head, like

the earth will swallow you up

as it did Korah & co,

smile like a spider whose web just

caught an insect; 

Don't Run, Baby, Don't Run.


Your body shrinks & stings

of life's tumour stops you from singing,

the trees do not hooves & the bird

do not sing sweetly, you see sweat from the wings of chicken & hair growing on the palm of man.

raise your banner high into an Iroko

tree & giggle like a monkey given a banana;

Don't Run, Baby, Don't run.


Foes now scrub you with 

sponge of thorns, blood dripping

like a woman in her period,

you merigo round unintelligently 

like the children of Isreal,

expulsion now leads to explosion

& depression is now your exposition,

beat your chest full of bones & resounds these words silently 

but vehemently; 

Don't Run, Baby, Don't Run.

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