The Words I Wish I Spoke

By Happiness Effiong 7 months ago

Love they say is blind 

But the voice they never described as unkind 

He made my morning bright

He brought sunshine to my night

Who said we weren't friends 

Who said we didn't meet each others ends

Time went on

The bond was strong 

But he was shy

And I didn't know why

I on my part

On my feelings I sat

Slowly he traveled for a long while 

His heart went beyond a mile

He returned with her

The one who became his star

The wedding date was set

And memories with him were like a broken cassette 

When it was time to wish him well

I felt my bones shake as my heart fell

But it was too late 

I had designed my fate

My heart is now black like coke

Because of the words I wish I spoke

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