Diary Of A Mad Woman

By Nancy omorojor 2 months ago

Look at her screaming on top of her voice and disturbing the neighbourhood, this is all she does all day, if she is not fighting with her customer in her kiosk, she is shouting at her son, after now she will tell her children not to come near me or sell something to me that I am a mad woman. Hahahhaha!

I wonder what makes her think she is more sane than I am, just because she has a bathing place and a change of cloth and I don't, well I still think that's just a matter of choice, as for me I prefer to cover my breast with this nylon waterproof and my buttocks with this scarf a woman dropped while she was rushing to catch a cab in this park three years ago, I was so lucky to be on sight that moment and since then this ever-faithful scarf has covered the better part of my butt. As for shower, I do take my bath once in a while, when I have the strength to trek to the waterside.

Maybe madam kiosk thinks I am the mad one because she has children and I don't, but that can't be the reason, after all my friend Waya who sits five feet away from my shield in this park has four children under her own umbrella yet everyone still calls her mad. These "sane" people can be funny sometimes, I see the way they look at Waya and her kids and shake their heads when they pass.

Well, to be honest, sometimes I am tempted to agree with them that Waya might actually be the mad one, I mean how can you have four children and not know who their fathers are, one day I had to ask her, "Waya, do you mean to tell me you don't know which of these Agberos in this park that comes to open your leg in the night?" And she said yes, that once she sleeps she does not know what happens after.

To be fair to her, there are other people with children just like Waya, they also sit in this park as well, many of them send out the children to go beg for alms from the "sane" people. I have never interrogated them to inquire about the fathers of their babies, I only asked Waya because she is close to me. I am a woman of dignity and I like minding my business yet they still call me a mad woman.

It's almost midday now and I feel hungry, I have to go to mama Ejima to get something to eat, mama Ejima is the mama put woman across the road, she does not serve me food in her plate like every other customer, she puts it for me in a waterproof, but I don't mind after all she is a "sane" person and probably considers me as the mad woman.

Kalu, my crush is in mama Ejima's shop, I know he will pretend he doesn't know me when I get there, he doesn't want people to know what he comes under my umbrella to do in the night, well I will not smile at him when I get to the mama put, I will pretend I don't know him too, and when he comes this night to do, I will not let him... but I'm not sure I can resist Kalu.

Kalu is a bus conductor in the park and a low-class Agbero, we have been seeing for months now, even though he has never spoken to me before, he is always in a hurry each night he comes, maybe he does not want anyone to see him with a madwoman. I really like what Kalu does to me in the night, I even keep up to wait for him, I wish he is not always in such a rush, I really wish he can say a word to me someday, I wish all these "sane" people do not have to call me mad again, maybe then Kalu will look to my face while on top of me or at least ask me my name...

Well till then, but for the benefit of you my readers, My name is Egovin, I live in Bata Park, Aba and I am not a mad woman.

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