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  • Naive

    Honesty LeeLeeBari
    4 hours ago
    All my life I've been this naive little girl, scared to take the bull by its horn, scared of airing my views lest they say I'm talking too much, scared to fall in love with men, nature nor myself lest ...
  • Thoughts

    Nneji Favour Tochukwu
    6 days ago
    Dear Diary, a day never goes by without me considering suicide. Yes, yes, it has gotten to that point. These two thoughts keeps tearing me apart, "no! no!! you don't have to do this" (first thought). ...
  • Untitled

    Akaninyene Archibong
    2 weeks ago
    I woke up to myself thinking about life,how good I've lived,how bad I've live. The good things that I've done, the bad things I've done, the people I'vehurt,the ones that have hurt me. The people I' ...

    KubionoMfonAbasi Okon
    2 weeks ago
    Long were the night, when the shadows of succes bleeds.there on the podium i stand echoing through the microphone."i have finally made it, it's time i convert my invisible success to it's material equ ...

    Adetayo Omotoyosi Adeolu
    2 weeks ago
    After NYSC, Ola was stuck with different decisions begging him to at least pick them so they could sleep in their dormitory. He lived with his parents who were unable to provide for his needs and ...
  • Afraid Of Sanity

    Neme Daniel
    2 weeks ago
    Another lazy day, am propped up with a pillow, Watching the rain mercilessly hitting the window pane, The trees screaming and hollowing as the wind billowed, I tried to reach for my pills;pills for ...
  • Depression And Anxiety

    Buhari Oluwatobi
    4 weeks ago
    Dear Diary, Tonight is the first time I will have the privilege to put down what's been eating me up for a while and I hope I will feel relieved after this. I would like to talk about how sexual abu ...
  • Time

    Maureen Ojobor
    3 weeks ago
    Waking up very early in the morning before the likes of the "Amazing Duo" wakes up gives me the pleasure of penning down my most juvenile experiences. I try as much as I can to give voice to my densel ...
  • My All Grey Gory

    Damilola Jihumeto
    4 days ago
    My all uncertain unpleasantness, Like a quagmire I lost my shoe in. When will you end? Light at the end of every tunnel, they say But this tunnel seems abysmal. These thoughts try to drown me eve ...
  • Self Love

    Frederick Okonneh
    4 weeks ago
    Sometimes, you just really have to sit back and love yourself. I don't mean a person suddenly becoming their own favorite person and ray of sunshine, and never seeing themselves negatively. No, there ...


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