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  • Diary Of A Confused Kid

    Madu Ebube Shantel
    3 weeks ago
    When you cry and tears refuse to flow When you pray and the heart refuses to be sincere When you reach but can't hold Where there is hope but yet still no means to joy If the brain refuses to resp ...
  • Savings Account Might Be A Liability

    Future Ahiate
    5 weeks ago
    You cannot acquire financial freedom by habitually depositing MONEY into a Savings account. The rich get richer because they recycle their money by leveraging on good Investments. ...
  • Ten Commandments Of Possibility Thinking

    Future Ahiate
    5 weeks ago
    Possibility thinking is the management of ideas. 1. Never reject a possibility because you see something wrong with it! 2. Never reject a possibility because you won't get the credit! 3. Never reje ...
  • Zozo's Chronicles (My First Kiss!)

    Ikoyo Providence Oghenemarho
    2 months ago
    I was just standing quietly at the road waiting for Ozo to come meet me up as he promised. It was getting late but then I was willing to wait. I loved him and he was everything I ever wanted in a boyf ...
  • To Blind Love

    Divine Ogonna
    2 months ago
    To blind love. You now believe love is blind -at least to you. It hurts as it ignores. The ignited feeling is nothing more than a dwindling light. The sparking stars, a projection of a fading da ...

    Basit AJIBADE
    2 months ago
    Maybe just a moment to scan, a moment to pull the cover, a moment to remove the toppings... And know what the down looks like. Maybe behind the fine face, lies a tattered and battered emotion. Maybe ...
  • Let's Talk About Nigeria

    Divine Ogonna
    4 weeks ago
    Today, we talk. Today, you listen. Let's talk about Nigeria, a land filled with dreams and visions; yet, a regular rhythm of recurrent retrogression on the western coast of Africa. Let's talk about ...
  • A Cry For Help

    Madu Ebube Shantel
    4 months ago
    I need help...a different kind of help... a unique help Left in solitude in this valley of pain and grief Where pain is happiness and despair - ecstasy Where tears is laughter and sadness -joy And ...
  • Letter To Jimoh Isiaq

    Nana Hauwa
    3 weeks ago
    Dear Jimoh, I write this letter with a heart full of sorrow and eyes dripping water because I know you'll never read this and that's heartbreaking. I want to applaud you for your bravery and sacri ...
  • Heart Effuse

    Abdul Quadri Oyerinde
    5 months ago
    TERRIFYING THUNDERSTORM TOG TRANSCENDS... A cascade of intelligence continually hitting the brain but none seems to be rubbing off on it. Every single one hitting a snag due to lack of focus, they k ...


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