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  • Thoughts

    Nneji Favour Tochukwu
    21 months ago
    Dear Diary, a day never goes by without me considering suicide. Yes, yes, it has gotten to that point. These two thoughts keeps tearing me apart, "no! no!! you don't have to do this" (first thought). ...
  • Grudge

    Honesty LeeLeeBari
    20 months ago
    Grudge! Why are you in me? You came into my heart as a seed but now you've spread your ugly tentacles around my heart. You make it difficult for me to let go my hurtful past. You make it difficult fo ...
  • Despair

    Archwealth gates
    19 months ago
    On my my study table is a manuscripts of year's gone by.Not even a year's has passed without moving round,finding ways to my problems,looking for solutions like a wind turbine. To me it's reality,but ...
  • How It Started

    Iyeuwa, Fortune Chinem
    15 months ago
    Having grown up in a solidary environment, I have learnt to be positively different. It all started on the 25th of June, 1999. The very day i came into this world. Opening my eyes to behold ...
  • Broken To Peace

    Silvia Achitsa
    19 months ago
    They say that we're all broken in a way. How true!Is this brokenness our ultimate as humans?Or can we reach wholeness?Think about it.Personally, I think it's very much possible.But how?GOD's works of ...
  • I'm Not Feeling It

    Booky Glover
    20 months ago
    I should be happy. It is a new year, yaaah! But I'm not feeling the excitement. I woke up feeling my brain's empty and my achievement in the year gone past nothing. Maybe I should allow a few more d ...
  • Memories

    19 months ago
    random#1 i was seated in my dad's office, it was a busy day, i've been on my toes since morning and i'm tired. he walks in and i notice his presence...who wouldn't?he was tall, fair skined, had this ...
  • One With God Falters Not; With Mother Life Is Easy

    Kareem Itunu Azeez
    7 months ago
    One with God falters not; with mother life's easy (For my mother a happy birthday) There is no starting point when I serenade into the ever wonderful world of a mother, then one wonders how the cr ...
  • New Year!

    Ojeh Oziegbe Oseluese
    20 months ago
    It's the new year finally!!! Ugh! 2018 lasted too long. 😒I'm so glad its over, cos there's a lot I need to make right. Hi! My name is Jael. Someone may wonder: " why do you need the new year before ...
  • I Just Don't

    Nana Hauwa
    18 months ago
    I just want a job that gives me satisfaction Is it really too much to ask? I don't want to wake up at sixty only to realise that I've lived an absolute uneventful life and get boggled down by depres ...


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