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  • 'Other' Wins

    Precious Diedemise
    4 weeks ago
    Win, Win and Keep Winning Often times, the perception we have about ourselves is based on what we see in others. Growing up, I had an esteem that made me feel inadequate. I was caught up in the ...

    Dada Adetomiwa
    5 weeks ago
    Every two weeks before examination,was a buzzer of hate with slight joy, seeing the random placement of course perhaps subjects in the mockery timetable pasted on the notice board,many unravel the a ...

    Tatenda Takavarasha
    3 months ago
    Every day a star is born i begun beaming on September 17 1992 in a drought torn Zimbabwe when my assignment to occupy and fulfill my assignment on this earth begun .They say i was a chubby baby that n ...
  • Accommodating Differences

    Riona Ogwuche
    2 months ago
    My fiance said, "The way people treat you is not a reflection of who you are but the kind of person they are, just keep being good. You are only important to the extent to which they need you." True. ...
  • Adaw Sine

    ROXELLS muliana
    2 months ago
    sorrry to disapoint you guys but i just wanna say thank you to those who read my works. now i will only be seen by subscribers. you can subscrbe after reading pretty demon 1-3. and my other poems . if ...
  • Afraid Of Sanity

    Neme Daniel
    3 months ago
    Another lazy day, am propped up with a pillow, Watching the rain mercilessly hitting the window pane, The trees screaming and hollowing as the wind billowed, I tried to reach for my pills;pills for ...
  • Biological Clock

    Emediong Ebong
    4 weeks ago
    Dear Diary,I cannot promise not to do something nasty to the next person that tells me; "you better pick a man now that they are flocking around you, very soon nobody will look at you again". When wi ...
  • Broken Diaries

    Lotanna Nwafor
    2 weeks ago
    Another morning. I can tell the cafe down the road is already open for business, and I'm suddenly craving pancakes to go with. Downstairs, dad has the Beatles' 'Here Comes the Sun' playing out loud, ...
  • Broken Diaries- 2

    Lotanna Nwafor
    2 weeks ago
    Cats. I've always found them interesting, especially the bit about them having nine lives. One time, Mrs P from across the street owned one, an adorable Snowshoe kitten. According to her, she'd bec ...
  • Broken To Peace

    Silvia Achitsa
    2 months ago
    They say that we're all broken in a way. How true!Is this brokenness our ultimate as humans?Or can we reach wholeness?Think about it.Personally, I think it's very much possible.But how?GOD's works of ...


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