Depression And Anxiety

By Buhari Oluwatobi 8 months ago

Dear Diary,  

 Tonight is the first time I will have the privilege to put down what's been eating me up for a while and I hope I will feel relieved after this.

I would like to talk about how sexual abuse and education  makes me have depression ,anxiety  and how I was able to help myself out .

It all started when I was in Primary school then with a family member what do I know, just nothing. I do realise whenever I need things ,he will give me but he had to sleep on me with clothes on.

The second was my secondary school days, actually by then I knew a little bit about inappropriate touches. 

This started with the elder brother my grandma tenants ,always telling me he likes me. There was a night  I need to take a bath ,I was through already just to wear my clothes he just came from nowhere and started touching me anywhere, thankfully it doesnt lead to sex but I can't tell anybody because my grandma trust him and his younger brother a lot due to the fact that they are always respectful and responsible .

The last was during my Jamb and Post Jamb lesson, the owner of the tutoring center was known to be a womanizer. Always looking for students to touch or sleep with.

Thank God,i was able to overcome all without them having sex with me. 

About the educational one, Was when I got admission into Olabisi Onabanjo university to study medicine in year 2014/15. We all know how medical school is, although my 100level was okay but from 200level when one have to face real medical courses, it's not that easy. 

From there, I started developing some issues of forgetting important things like when I read, I could remember I went to the Doctor then but I was told nothing was wrong . But I kept on thinking and from there bad thoughts start entering,maybe to commit Suicide or injuring oneself. There was nobody to talk to not even my parents because I know they will tell the family members and I hate people knowing all things about me. 

Every 300level we always we always write our first professional examination called MB, I failed it and had to repeat 300level. I could a family member telling me if I want to learn work or continue with my education. I did the examination again this year around August this year, but failed again.  I had no choice to change my course and go back 200 level but I thank God this time I was able to meet lecturers to motivate and put me through, if not for that I don't know what would have happened.  

My last input is that all parents should try to teach their children sex education from a young age.  

And for depression and anxiety, it's not something new, don't let it out you down.Fight for your freedom. 

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