By Wisdom Ahamefula 15 months ago

Life's blows... An extraordinary one
It shakes off firm foundations
Uprooting every inexorable feet
With countless bold sterns on ground

I remain the punchbag in no defence
That'll be a needless training
Cause when life blows, it blows
Swaying smartness sagaciously

Life's a paedophile and an assailant
Screwing the mighty and the weakling
It's tough to be counted amongst the living
Existence is a feat itself

Life chokes till you call out on it
Does it Restrain?.. Hell No
"She'll only deprive me of the joys accompanying being a dutiful choker"

A swindler, an opportunist.. It's sore
Life's all you can think of and even more
Energising the needy and running off the handful.. A gamer indeed
Putting up pretty endlessly as a kid

Help the head up high in open-mindedness
Count not blessings nor the mishaps
Let's sit and watch life toil and stagger
Surrendering in docility to our will


It will hearken.. It's just being naughty
Life's a bitch, it'll excogitate our bones

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Wisdom Ahamefula
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