Deep In This Deep

By Julius Tunde 17 months ago

I remember when I stood on this cliff

When I saw distant places in their tiny beauty

When everything I saw took the same look

And my eyes absorbed nature as artificial,

Took what was visible and turned it hidden

for I translated the meaning of sight as fantasy.


I remember standing above the cliff in pains

With my feet shaking due to how I’ve walked

trying to find peace, perfect solace to my soul

that has gone lacking which was testified

by my lips filled with endless lamentation;

Lamentation of how shattered the heart has spread.


I remember smiling with by eyes

Sweating through my leaking heart,

And letting my nose give watery tunes.

The crickets at night, sang along as the moon smiled.

In the day, the sun came with the scorching condolence

Leaving the rain to wash me off the pain for the next round.



I remember standing on my unbalanced feet

Suddenly, the force came from the east

Which left my tumbling body in this deep.

This deep which my eyes have been shut towards

One, which trees with thorns prevented me from reaching

Until now, when my body was too fragile to it’s attraction.


Here in this deep is a paradise

I discover it is empty of persons but flooded with goodness

Decorated with beauty that beats imaginations.

Here I am, lost in thoughts left to answer rhetorical:

“Where have you been?

Hope you came empty?”


In this deep have I found lost solace

Though the first day was shaky, for my soul was lost

in admiration of how mush bliss she holds

The peace I feel here has made my feet firm,

Stable and my head is lost in its atmosphere

of revolving love that beats every doubt.


A century in days have I spent,

But my spirit testifies to boundless love

As to say it’s been a century of years,

A millemium of  limitless attention.

The worries my heard felt have been swapped

With the peace I’ve felt in this deep.


Here in this deep is acceptance in rejection

Undiluted love with addition of sweetness

All mixed in a body of Amor’ and sugar coated priceless figure.

Here, I ask myself the same rhetorical:

“What delayed your steps?”


It’s been a decade of decade days

But forever is what I feel here.

The feeling is unlike the cliff

where I stood and saw blur visions

Here, it’s crystal in its raw mode

All I do is proclaim my endless affection to this deep.


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