Dear Wednesday

By Precious James 12 months ago

Dear Wednesday,


I called you five times but you didn't pick up, were you busy? Or were you idle?

It seems like you have found a new way to scold me— silence.


I know my sins are too numerous to forgive,

And my apologies have become a daily anthem you hear.

I know you may find it hard to believe,

But your silence is what I can't bear.

Will you pack your things and leave?

And accomplish all the things I fear?


Dear Wednesday,


Last night you cried more times than I have ever imagined, 

No wonder I had a long night;

12 times it rained yesterday, 

All because of our little fight;

Babe I feel our dark nature needs more light, 

But I know that pissing you off lately, I have no right. 



Dear Wednesday, 


Why have you been so cold to me today? 

Sending me harsh winds each time I turn left or right. 

Where's the warmth of your heart? 

What's the dry path I can thread on? 

For I am bare bodied and need rest; 

So much cold that I shiver even down my chest. 

I can't comfort myself because you have soaked all my belongings with heavy drops of your your tears—

Making my whole life is salty. 



Dear Wednesday,


I regret asking you about making rainbows during the sunny day:

I believe my last night was spent in hell with the devil,

I regret making you think of me that way,

I really am not God to meddle with the weather—

But I guess I'm the reason today is so cloudy, wet and cold;

And yes last night was as hot as hades.

For you spent your night steaming in hot thoughts,

And today you've made up your mind to be cold.

I just hope I don't see your different shades,

Because everything looks so grey.



Dear Wednesday,


I really don't know what to say,

I ask that you remain my Wednesday. 

Please let our nights be sweet red like a rose,

But do not let this transpire to Thorns-day.



~Blqckmqn James ♠️. 



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