Dear Voices

By Precious James 10 months ago

Been a while now,



Those voices,

They were loud —I could hear them screaming, and yelling, 

and doing everything noisy to let me know they existed.


Yes I heard them🤦,

They were human voices and I was sure I was the only one they spoke to.


When they spoke,

My spine shivered like a vibrator;

My mind like a maze changed patterns, and all I could remember was 

“you won't make it”;

My eyes wandered about and watered

Like there was a waterfall in my brain.


I was set to reset after 120 seconds—

Countdown to my second bomb 💣 but, 


Everyone heard my voice and no one heard their voices,

My sanity wasted like a camphor and alas!

I caught the last minute of vanity,

Gave the closing remark and headed straight to my chair🚶, 

Talking to the voices in my head.


Seating on my seat I could taste deceit in their comfort:

Like I was hiding in the dark and they called me to come forth—

The fourth time I was reminded of how I felt under the spotlight— Glory Shy.


Glory shy, 

I admitted for hours, and days,

Not for weeks, I've been in this shit for years...😑


And so today I woke up quite early with a pen in my hand — I wrote...



Dear Voices, by Blqckmqn James ♠️.

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