Dear School...

By Godwin Ebube 9 months ago

Dear, School.



Indeed it is pertinent I acknowledge the fact that you have been my close friend, the reason why I can sufficiently express myself in the universal language. Thank you.


Indeed, as a learning center, you've trained great men and leaders of today, and as expected, the leaders of tomorrow. 


Same thoughts goes for the development you bring to society and a nation. Thanks to you, we enjoy democracy and the benefit of global relations.


Indeed, you set the pace of encouraging people to be productive, explore useful careers, and eventually, work for a stipend throughout their lifetime, to keep body and soul together.


You're a good 'man'! 


I see why feminists applaud your courtesy, your charming aura, and the pleasant aroma of your 'philanthropic' dishes...ahhhh...the ONE EDUCATION! 




Invariably you are pivotal for human existence, for now, and for always. However, dear School, there is something I would like to tell you. 


Forgive my audacity to write you this letter, having full knowledge of the fact that I am one of all your beneficiaries, the most unserious and careless. Right from HER womb, I think you already knew. 


It is religious for us to seek you, in the search of education. Because if you asked me in my right senses again, I would prefer the hustle you told me is the sign of a poor future - the street. 


In my country, Nigeria, when one says they don't have interest for school anymore, society labels you as a future nobody. Because you, dear school, told them that happiness and self-fulfillment come from a degree, two, three or more! Plus some titles to fit. 


Every session in the academic year, fresh graduates leave the "school' system to find out how much education is out there in the street. 


Still, every session in the academic year, Freshmen "rush" into the system - most times not because they understand the need for the speed, but because society labels school as the saviour from poverty, joblessness & low standard of living. 

Oh! dear school, you are a beautiful thought, not my reality of education. 

But we must all now believe in your school of thought, if we must learn to impress the Chairs, High Tables, Boards, and the ogas at The Top. At least, thank you for the passport to meet them today; we hope tomorrow a robot doesn't prevent us other meetings. Perhaps you already know about the future of work. 


But do you know about your own future, dear school? 




Certainly, you are still bragged about as an achievement; but certainly also, who even cares about that nowadays? Certainly, your "good children" will always make you shine with certain grades of A's. Certainly, you must think this is one failed letter from a frustrated student in school. And certainly using certain words that speaks of him as a certain renowned dullard.


Hahaha. You need a reform, certainly! 


Mind you, I am not a revolter of your good impact to humanity. Please do not misquote me. Take a look back at my beginning paragraph, and be reminded of my ever-growing gratitude, dear school.

But the insane thing hard to believe about you is that; the world has changed, yet you have not changed a bit. And you claim to prepare us for the world!! 

I know you are only prepared to teach us how to pass exams, and acquire a certificate that says we can speak & write good English - that we may have jobs. 


Dear school, I'm tired!!! 


Teach me how to think. Not feed me with what to think. If you cannot teach me, what should I think of you? 


I think you are driving me nuts! 

I think I am turning streets! 

I think I should drop out. 


It doesn't make me a coward, because I think of dropping out of school. I am only a coward if I remain afraid to drop out of school and get "schooled" in life - I want to be a street fighter, of education. Wish me well, my alma mater. 


Every Nigerian child is entitled to the rights of education. However, I canvass for the basic level of education to be mandatory for our children, afterward, they should be allowed to the choice of furthering for a certificate or graduating within the business of experiential education. 


Dear school, you are like a cup of cold fruit juice in dry & thirsty days, but education is vast enough as a well of sweet waters running down our veins. 


Until we school again, 

May you read our minds through our pens, with love & fervent desire to see you improve our lives for the future, and not just show us how we should behave for the future. We are not robots. 


Happy reading! 

Godwin E. 

(Non-academic Student) 


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Godwin Ebube
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