Dear Kiddo! (A Heartwarming Message)

By Jason Joshua chigozie 4 months ago

As long as the dice rolls

Someday it's gonna give you a 'six'

Slow and steady wins the race

Don't rush, try hard work and patience. 


Life has never been rosy

Try taking things easy

Sometimes it's like it ain't working

Patience should lead. 


All your dreams and aspirations

Determination and dedication is the key

What's worth doing is worth doing well

Make every moment count. 


Believe in yourself more than anyone

You own the key to your happiness

Not every friend is a friend

Trust nobody, people change with time. 


Always love the woman in whose womb you lived in

Only her loves you unconditionally 

Love from every other person has a limit

Many love for their interest tho. 


Actions speak louder than voice

Let your success do that talking

Empty vessels make the loudest noise

Bridle your tongue man. 


focus on your books than anything

I could recall going to school with an empty stomach

To make sure I'd create a better future

And be a successful youth. 


Never put God aside

He's been there from the onset

Call on him

He answers speedily. 


Love without gain

Love despite not because

Love with all your heart but add your brains  too 

God before all things remember. 


Friends mar and make you

Be careful when choosing yours

Some stay for a lifetime

Some come for life lessons. 


Give willingly 

Help others the best way you can

Nobody knows tomorrow

Remember this dice rolls. 


Be happy, merry

Don't get depressed, life's too short

A river doesn't flow backward

Forget the past and face the future. 


Hard work, diligence decency

Morality, truthfulness, honesty, 

Humility, obedience, respect

Builds me up, don't joke with them. 


Face the struggle, man

Always protect the unsecured 

Ask mom for her blessings

No one can compete with her. 


Dad should always be in your heart

He's no more

But his legacy lives on

Try your best to make him proud. 


You must consider

What you have

What you love 

And what you live for. 


Reasons to live

Give reasons to die

If it's worth the risk

Fight for it


Everyone has a different time clock

Don't force things

Don't allow other people rush you

Fruits of patience are greater than regrets. 


Life is a school

You fail to Learn more

Its a market

Trade honestly to make a profit. 


Don't you ever compromise 

If you perish, you perish

You can be rich for a while

But wealthy for a lifetime. 


Never advertise your feelings

It may not be appreciated

Don't force love

It comes if it's yours.


Finally, do good always

Trust God. 


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