By Frank Olunga Khange 3 months ago



I am a dreamer,

Believing tomorrow will be better,

Even though today it's bitter,

I am a believer,

And nothing is permanent it will be over,


There will be no more sorrow,

I will work harder,

And I will always be sober,

I am a dreamer.


You might laugh,

But I made a promise to mama,

To build her a good house,

To make her life easier,

I promised mama a better future,

You will never know how it feels,

I come from a humble background,

But I am proud,

I am a dreamer.


I always wear a genuine smile,

My problems,

My strength,

My struggle,

My goal,

Call me crazy but I am a dreamer.


One day things will change,

The wind will change direction,

And my name will be in world history books,

I might not be Shakespeare,

Or Emily Dickson,

But the world will feel the impact,

The impact of a determined soul,

I am a dreamer.



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