Dawn Comes

By Mukami kuria 5 months ago

Happy new month y'all😃

To be happy is all I want for this month. September was so harsh on me. It was stormy, it was rocky and it was dry.

I was stressed, exhausted and lost. I don't want to say I  was depressed instead I'll say I was dealing with anxiety. How dark could it get when all I felt was hopelessness, mental exhaustion, loneliness, confusion and helplessness.

As if that was not enough, September pulled another one on me: I loved and I lost. He was perfect, his beautiful face, his collected and quiet personality and the way he looked at me😌 looked like sun on a rainy day but it was over as soon as it started. Story for another day but one question though, what does it take to fall in love with the right person at the same time with the same intensity??

September whooped my ass, now I am sore, sad but hopeful that October would be kind to my broken spirit and my broken heart. A human can only take as much and I feel I have had more than my portion. I am ready to go out and watch the sunrise, breath in the morning air, close my eyes and reflect on the beauty of life and then go conquer the world.

October I command you to be gentle, I command you to be bright and beautiful because you are supposed to be my Dawn after a long night of darkness. Please October, be kind.

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