Dat Same Guy

By Godwin Ebube 4 months ago

There's a pian in your head. 

That same guy you know won't just let you be!

They call him depression.

What do you call him?


Yeah. Fear-

Your worst enemy.


You just hate it.

Like, you're boiling inside

With flames of pity for yourself

Like, how you don't look beautiful

Like, how you're too fat to be kissed.


Yeah. Depression-

That same guy!


He looks at you cunningly

Unbuckles his belt

Tries to rape you

You scream for help

But your voice is not loud!


Yeah. Silence-

A slow poison.


But be my beautiful.

Walk with me through the night,

You're my onions

I cry for you when you're far

I am your vexed spirit.

The Saviour is here.


Yeah. Love-

The Son of God.




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