Daniella Carrison Episode Seven

By Lawrence Ruth 18 months ago

Well it was Christy's bar, when Justine came in "hi Daniela, you're looking good" he greeted even when I didn't see him "thank you sir" that was my reply "is Christy in?" "No! sir she went out and will soon be back" looking sideways Justine asked "Daniela for how long will you keep me waiting" "for God-sake, respect yourself sir" I shrieked" do you know I love you" "but I don't" "look Daniela, if you think wisely and let me in, all will be well with you, you won't have to work here, or leave in that hut you called home" "excuse me sir, I never told you I need a better place or job, I love the way I am" "okay, Daniela if you let me in, you will own the duplex I have in Ibi-ino street, not only that you also own the Toyota car "really, thank you, I don't want your earthly and heavenly gifts, am satisfied with the one I have" I replied almost screaming. "Why are you behaving like this Daniela, Am I not too handsome and rich to date you or have you as my lover" he said, almost in a whisper. "I don't need you, please let me have my peace" I replied as I hurried to leave the place with my crutches. But I was made to seat back as Justine held me tight to my seat, in an attempt to kiss me, but stopped when he heard Miss. Christy's voice. "Oh! Christy my love, you are back said Justine" pretending not to have done anything. I was shocked at his act. Indeed all men are the same. "You are, tired my love, I've really missed you" Justine said giving Miss Christy a peck on the cheek. "Justine you promised to take me out, but you never showed up" Miss Christy said. "Ah! My heart, am really sorry, I was busy with some documents in the office" he lied. "I really missed you Justine" Miss Christy blushed "I should be the one saying that, because I couldn't concentrate because of you, Whenever I tried to sleep I dream of you, I wish you are always there with me" said Justine, deceiving and filling Miss Christy's ear with sweet lies "Please, Daniela take this stuff to the kitchen" miss Christy replied leaving the bar with Justine. I thought it was all over? but it wasn't, Justine was bent on having me. On a fateful evening I was in my room when I heard a knock, this time I wasn't too careless as I peeped through the hole on the door, seeing it was Justine I refused to open the door. "What do you want?" I asked him "Christy sent me here, to give you this basket and money to go shopping for her" said Justine, as he raised the basket and money showing it to me through the door hole "it's a lie, I don't believe you!" I replied, "if you don't believe me you can call her through your phone, while I wait here" Justine replied. Listening to his words I tried to call Miss Christy, but my phone switched off, I tried to use the phone I saw in the visitors' room, but there was no credit "oh! My God" I said looking confused, what if everything turn out to be true, Miss Christy will be mad at me, and may sack me as well, but if it's lie, I will be in danger as well. I turned pink as the tips of my finger became cold. "How can Miss Christy send this man to my quarters" I was thinking, may be because she trust him but men can never be trusted, they are traitors'. These were the thought lingering through my mind. "am tired of waiting" Justine said, "Give me time to think' I replied "what do you have to think, but I told you to call her" these were the convincing words of Justine,"! Am coming" I replied. Finally, I said a short prayer before opening the door, a... read more

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