Daniela Carrison Episode13

By Lawrence Ruth 12 months ago

CHAPTER THIRTEEN RE-UNITED AS ONE On a fateful day when the kids where in school, Orlando took me out for a dinner. We ate and talked on so many event right from our school days. "life is really strange" he said "yes it is" "I can still remember the first day we met each other" "really" "yes and..." Orlando, paused as he held my hand "yes" I replied reading his mind "you see' Daniela ever since I met you I did thought we could be together as one, but destiny has set us apart and has brought us together again" he paused "Daniela" "yes" "will you marry me" Orlando asked as I stared at him, I never gave him answer, we only looked at each and holding our hands together we recite a poem. FOREVER TOGETHER Forever together we shall be, Our love will be, As brave as the Achilles, And as bright as the glass, We shall be as brave as the lion, And as boundless as the ocean. Forever together, we shall be, We will be as cautious as a fox, And we will make our obstacle, As calm as death, Our love, will be, As cherry as sunbeam. Forever together we shall be, Our love will be, As glorious as the sun, And we will be, As harvest as the mirror, Our love will be, as lasting as the pyramids, And as solid as the bricks Together forever, we shall be, No one will split us apart, We shall be, As populous as the anthill, Together forever, We shall be. By Lawrence Ruth TO ALL PARENT Children are gift from God and need to be handled ardently. Although it's an arduous task bringing up a child, but it did be for the benefit of all. Children learn 95% of what their parent do, because they feel its right. Children who grow up in a family where their parent, are sycophant and dipsomaniac might grow up to be what their parent are. And a child who grows up from a family where there's fairness and tolerance might grow up to be patient and love justice. *Lola and Nima are good example of children who grow up from a home where the mother is a hypochondriac. A... read more

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