Daniela Carison. Episode Nine

By Lawrence Ruth 8 months ago

CHAPTER EIGHT LIFE, BACK HOME Back at home in Nigeria, everything seems to have changed, my dad lost his job, and my mum was sacked after having a fight with a colleague. Lola the baby of the family won't give anybody a breathing space, she leave the house very early and come back very late in the night, if anybody dare's teach her a lesson, my mum will scold and frown at the person. Lola was once a cat's paw between my mum and my younger brother Keller. On a very fateful day night, Lola came back late with a young rascal, who stopped at the gate. "Who was that boy with you?" Keller asked Lola when she entered the sitting room. "It’s none of your business" "what!, what did you say?" "I said it's none of your business, and don't ever ask me to " pai!, pai! Was the next thing that followed, Keller couldn't control his temper as he beat Lola black and blue and left her in the sitting room weeping. When my mum came back, Lola filled her ears with lies. My mum was so furious as she called Keller out "Good day mother" "what is good about the day, you fool" mum shut back "what wrong have Lola done to you, to receive this brutal beating from you?" "She deserve that mother" "why? ”Because she's turning into a prostitute and she's stubborn as well" "listen to yourself, if she is a prostitute, then you are a harlot, can't you leave this girl to enjoy her life, is she your slave or maid" "Ask him oo!!" Lola chipped in "mother I don't like your attitude towards Lola, you're spoiling this girl with material things, you will leave to regret this, if you don't change your ways, "Preacher, look at yourself why won't Lola insult you, when in her very present you are talking to me in this manner" "mother I've told you the truth" Keller replied and left the room. Nima the third child of the family who is now fifteen years old is a sycophant, rich men from all walks of life are after her, they can't get their eyes off her, and she never stays at home. But whenever she comes home, her purse is always full, and she's always back with assorted gift, which she gives to my mum. Alice is now an arm robber, it all started from tapping, then stealing; from stealing he joined a gang known to be mischievous, cunning and destructive. On many occasions he has been arrested and taken to prison, whenever he's released, he becomes worst than ever. As for my father, Carison, he's now a dipsomaniac. A man who is known to be teetotaler and honest in all his doings is now the opposite of it all, because of the family pressure. On a fateful night my dad came back drunk and was smelling bear all throughout. He was so drunk that he's walking steps was too funny to behold, he walks as though he was going to fall in a pit. When he entered the bed room my mum was furious as she laid courses on him. "Can you ever change, Carison, you useless and good for nothing man. Your mate are out there struggling for living, while you here are struggling to be more drunk day after day" "Shut up your mouth, you hypochondriac, it's because of your carelessness and attitude that am in this condition" "Listen to how ramble your speech is, very incoherent but yet you said you went to school, please don't use me as an excuse to your misfortune" "I shouldn't use you as an excuse? "yes that is what I said" "Look! Woman if you talk rudely at me, I will send you to your early grave" "You will send me to my early grave, between the both of us who will send each other to an early grave." "Raina mind your words else I will beat, you" Are you sure you ate well this morning, because the way am looking at you, I don't think you can even kill an ant, because you look much like a skeleton and also Tai, Tai was the next sound that echoed, as my dad descends on my mum, it was a heavy combat. Although my dad is drun... read more

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