Daniela Carison. Episode 12

By Lawrence Ruth 3 months ago

CHAPTER TWELVE THE APOLOGY AND THE BREAKDOWN On a fateful day, I was putting things in order at home when I had a call. "Mrs. Daniela, we need your attention please" "okay, am on my way" I replied. "Mala, Anne, McGregor" "yes mother" "am going out to the office to attend to a patient, when your dad comes back, tell him where I am, okay" "yes mother" "help me push the wheel chair" I said as my little kids helped me out. Getting to the theatre room, what I saw nearly made me cave in, on the theater bed was my dad, and he had a very deep cut on his head, and was bleeding continuously, I couldn't control myself as I gave a piercing scream, and the surgeons at the theater room were perplexed as they led me out. Luckily for my dad, surgeons from other firms were called to give a helping hand and my father was able to survive the deadly injury. My mum and Keller were called to pay the bills, when they got to the theatre room; they were directed to my office. "Good-day madam, please are you the owner of these firm?" Keller asked "yes, I am, how may I help you?" "Please we are here to pay our bill" "to pay your bill?1 "Yes" "do you know me?" "Am sorry, I don't?" Keller replied looking perplexed. "you mean you don't remember this face, Mrs. Raina Carison?" "What! You know my name" my mother shrieked. "Aren't you Keller Carison?" I asked looking at him. "Yes, I am, but please who are you?" "it's not your fault that you both don't know me" I replied as I pushed my wheeled chair backward from the desk. "What! Daniela,,is.... that... you" my mother caved in, she was taken to a ventilated room, where she was taken care of. I took Keller to my house after my mum got herself. "Mother welcome" said Mala, "mother dad bought this for me" said Anne "and me too". McGregor chipped in "where is your dad?" "He's in the bedroom" Mala said as I took my mother and Keller to the sitting room while I went to the bedroom to call Caleb. "hi, sweetie you look so tired" I said as I kissed Kosiano. "oh! Yes, but you look more tired" "really" "yes". "Kosi dear, will you like to come with me to the sitting room?" "Any problem?" "not really, I want you to come with me" "okay, but won't my angel have a little rest" "I will but later" I replied as Kosiano followed me to the sitting. "Mala, McGregor, Anne" I called "yes mother" they all replied as they came into the sitting room, "please seat down everyone I said as I introduce my mum and Keller to my family. "uhm sweet heart, can you still remember the story, I told you about my family" "yes, I can fully remember" Kosiano replied "well this is my mum Mrs., Raina Carison and my brother Keller Carison" "are you serious" "yes, I met them in my office, they came to pay my dad's bill "Mrs. Rainan and Keller welcome Kosiano said but my mum and brother bow their head in shame, they couldn't say a word as tears filled their eyes. "You need not to cry, God has a reason why things were that way, I guess Daniela has forgiven you all" Kosiano said. "mum, mother, please who are they" Anne asked "And why are they crying" said why McGregor "did they lost a relation" Mala chipped in "the woman you see here is your granny" "My what?!" Anne shrieked "I guess mother is kidding" Mala chipped in "yes, because you never told us we had any granny" McGregor agreed "No am not kidding, I know I never told you, you had a granny, but she's your granny" I tried to explain. "But... good heaven, she's dark and you're fair" Anne shrieked "yes, it's because of our gene" I explained "Our gene, what's gene, where does it leave, and how does it look like" Anne asked again "I will explain that to you later, but just take it that she's granny" I tried to persuade Anne who grew more curious "oh! but dear granny isn't looking healthy, she looks worn out" mala chipped in "and where has she been all these years" McGregor asked "okay, kids I will explain... read more

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