Dairy Of A Market Woman

By Ojogwu Chike 7 months ago

" who can battle with the lord , who can battle with the lord, who can battle with the lord, I say nobody "


  This loud singer made me jilt my chair, where I was almost dozing off, the sales today was below average . I looked around, behold the singer was Mama kemi my neighbour in the market, I watched her sprinkle drops of anointing oil around her shop, singing aloud and looking at me in disgust , although that was her daily routine, but the sprinkling of anointing oil just looked so absurd.



 Mama kemi and I sell almost the same provisions here in idumota, facing facts, people patronize me more than they do to her, probably that's why she had always looked at me with that face. Mama kemi good morning ooo, there was no response I quickly ignored her petty act. She was always fussy, everyone knew mama kemi to be a belligerent woman that fights with every being that has life in them.

   I watched her perform her ceremony that morning, she made sure she finished the full bottle of olive oil. She left for some hours , then came back with six pastors , at the very first glance I thought they were going to have a crusade in her shop today. Everything definitely didn't seem so right. Starting from this morning while coming to the shop, I greeted mama Ugo her closest friend, I was totally ignored!  Then it dawned on me that something was wrong somewhere. 

I behaved so Pacific,  attending to my customers trooping in and out, albeit beside me were half a dozen of pastors" kabashing and kadoshing" although I was stunned at the moment. Later that evening iya dupe, the woman that sells the sweetest food in the market square, well you need to taste it!! , she was in my shop to buy a tin of tomatoes for her business, " mama yemisi wetin I dey hear about you? " I quickly retorted in fear, 



"I hear say you dey visit babalawo na why you dey get customers"



   My mouth was opened agape, I couldn't believe my ears! So my name has been spreading round this market all because of jealousy!  What should I have done ? Absolutely nothing!!



You can't stop the rumours people spread about you, neither can you stop people from believing them. People will believe whatsoever they want to believe . It all depends on your reactions are you going to let petty talks weigh you down? Obviously you can't

Its high time you know people will surely talk about you , be you good  or bad!….




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Ojogwu Chike
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