By Bolaji Seyi 5 months ago




When the days appear darker than you imagined, when the rivers don't flow again, when the diamonds stop shinning, when the rain stops falling, when the garden lacks plants and when the idea stops making sense, hold on, find a good reason to keep living and breathing because you have gone too far from where you started from. Think about it, there were so many sacrifices you made to get here, there were so many actions you put in to get here, so will you let go all of those things invested only because you no longer understand what it is now. The result of waiting for good things comes only when you truly can endure. What if it about to cost you your life, can I remind you that the owner of your existence will not take your life because you mean so much to Him. Beyond what your fears, pains and negativity can offer, there is much more to gain in hoping, in waiting, in winning, in determination, and in focus. You are stronger than every darkness you feel around now. The greater power and the surest assurance is that light shines after darkness, so don't be lost or lose your life in darkness. Don't be too quick to quit, you can still win, you will still win, you will still live.


Its not easy to wait I know but it easier when we wait to get the best out of our worst situations, don't ever take a decision to quit. While you are waiting, be optimistic, be expectant and be happy because it will come no matter how long it takes. Have you heard, you might be delayed but you will never be denied of that which is meant for you. 

You won't just wait, keep working hard and work harder while you wait, those who got what they wanted, fought for it with all that heart. Don't sit down while waiting, stand up so you can see clearly where you are heading to. Those who are sitting while waiting will never see how close they are to getting what they want but those who we standing have the vision of their mission.


Don't you know it takes a tree some time to produce fruits, that's waiting and the end result is good. After you have planted, watered and nurturing, keep monitoring it, your results are closer. They will come to you soon only if those hands are still there to receive them. Have you stopped working for not getting any good results, go back to your work, give it time and work harder, you will get the best results. Stay away from those who wish to drag or pull back, going back is never a good option but going forward is always an answer to a problem. Believe it, achieve it, work it out, wait until it comes.


Remember, you are closer, better, greater, bigger, and stronger don't think you are. Don't be too quick to quit. There are many more wins for you. You are a winner.






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