By Balogun Abdulbasit 17 months ago

Don’t kill yourself
Yes you! I’m talking to you
It aint up to that
I know your life might seem unworthy
But suicide is not the answer
It’s just a permanent solution to a temporary problem
I know you might feel unloved
But open your eyes and look around you
Remember if you kill yourself
You’re also killing the people who love you
Life is full of ups and downs
Some have a good start 
But suffers a crappy end
Some begin with difficulty
And end up living a life of ease
So if you ever think about giving up
Remember why you held on for so long
Drop that poison and rethink
It aint only about you man
You think you’re ending the pain
But it’s rather like throwing a stone into a pond
The ripples spread and spread
All you’re doing is passing it on to those you left behind
You’ve got a great life to live
Your goal is your greatest motivation
You’ve got a sense of purpose
All you have to do is find it
Whoever you are and whatever you may do
Problems and difficulties are ever present
But who are we without hard times
Difficulties make us determined to achieve our objectives
It gives us the mindset of winning against all odds
So remember to see the positive side of negative events
Remember that nothing happens to you, it happens for you
You’ve got to stay strong to be strong in tough times
Tough times never last but tough people do
God already knows what we’re made of,
But perhaps he wants us to learn what we’re made of
So drop that which is in your hands
And take a step back
For the thing about suicide is
Try as much as you might to remember how a person lived
You always end up thinking about how he ended it
So before you do anything illogical, remember this
Razors pain you and rivers are damp
Acids stain you and drugs cause cramps
Guns aren’t lawful and nooses give
Gas smells awful but you might as well LIVE

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