By Okolo Chinua 7 months ago

"Are you going to send her out?" Tolu asks, his eyes sitting keenly on mine as he expects my answer. Laying back on my seat I rub my forehead against my left palm as my mind replays the event. The rotation of the fan ahead soaked the room with silence. It was a difficult situation, one I couldn't even relay properly to Tolu, my best friend, in details. I had merely told him that my wife had cheated and nothing more but that was not all to the story. Remembering that event made me flinch in disgust. 
It was a Monday morning. I had kissed my wife, Kate, goodbye as I was about leaving for the office. At the door stood my wife's younger sister of twenty-two lecherously looking me over as she opened the door. I had grown tired of her attempts to seduce me to bed but my plea to my wife to send her back home had fallen on deaf ears. I couldn't bring myself to tell Kate my actual reason for wanting Tina to return and since I couldn't say it out she always refused. Most times when Kate would travel out for days I would leave the house to stay at my friend's place just to avoid Tina. 
At around 11am that morning while I was in the office, I recieved a call from Tina. It wasn't something so strange because Tina usually called to relay messages from Kate or to inform me about items needed in the house so that I could purchase them while coming back. That day's call was however, different. Tina sounded desperate. She told me that if I wanted to find out something really important about 'Auntie,' as she always called Kate, I should secretly come back home immediately. My initial intention was to ignore the message as one of Tina's usual pranks but then, something in my mind urged me to respond to it.  
Leaving my car behind, I immediately took a public transport back home. While entering the house, I tried dialing Tina's line but it wasn't connecting. Using my key, I opened the front door which was locked as usual and walked in. "Honey! Honey!" I called out to Kate but there was no response. I felt like turning and returning to the office but my curiosity got the better of me. Hoping that the feeling which was now creeping up my spine was wrong I stealthily creeped up the stairs towards our room. Finding the door knob in the darkness I pushed open the door. The sight before me made me reel backwards. On the bed sat my beloved Kate stark naked, her eyes closed and lost in pleasure as she rode my younger brother whose hands were fixed on her rear, gripping them tightly. My younger brother, Obum, was fifteen years old. I had brought him in because I wanted to lessen the burden on my parents' shoulders by raising him myself. They were totally oblivious of my presence in the room. It was not until I banged at the already opened door in rage that they both snapped out of the ecstasy. Kate's eyes were lit open in surprise and shock as she sat there unable to react. There was a mixture of sadness in those eyes; I could barely make out what was currently going on in her head. Obum leapt up, rushing and kneeling before me in tears saying that it was Madam who had forced him into the act. In a desperate attempt to control the anger that was about bursting from me I turned, slammed the door and returned to the office. That was two days ago. I had been staying at a nearby motel and had not returned home since that morning. There were sixty-four missed calls from Kate but I had chosen not to answer or return them. 
As I sat in the office with Tolu, I retched as I recalled the incident. It was difficult for me to send her away but it was also difficult for me to look at her the same way after that incident, plus there was the unsolved puzzle of Tina and Obum's confession earlier. It was definitely not something I wanted to think of at the moment, not with the current workload I had to finish before the day's end. "Tolu, let's leave that discussion for another day" I said to him as I stood up to walk towards the window. After staring outside for a while, I returned to my seat and we began clearing the files one by one. 

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