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It was a school day, and Anna had followed Jessica to school see the principal. She later dropped Jim off in school and dashed to work. The office was expecting her by 11am for an executive meeting. She didn't mind, she had plenty of time to get there. 

She got into her  office at exactly 9am, picked up a document and was about going through it when the door opened. Her boss walked in with another man. The man was good looking, tall with dark hair and had the familiar build Anna had seen on a footballer. 

She stood and shook her boss's hand. "Mr . Morris, good to see you".

"You too, Anna. I thought I'd introduce you to one of our new employee". He stepped aside and nodded at the man on his left. "This is John Chris".

"Nice to meet you". Anna shook John's hand and smiled at him.

John looked comfortable. He wore a pullover and a baseball cap.

"Mr Morris said you are one of the most brilliant minds here" John looked deeper at her.

Anna smiled and gave a slight roll of her eyes. "I'm flattered".

Mr Morris phone rang and he excused himself to answer it leaving them alone. Anna shrugged her shoulders. "Looks like it could be a while".

Anna felt herself relax a little. The office always made a big deal about new employees, and how many of them were high maintenance, demanding the attention they deserved.

John was different, She thought.

"You are married, right?. If you don't mind my asking?". John spoke staring at the picture frame on her desk.

"Yes", Anna smiled. "The girl is fifteen while the boy is five".

John picked up the picture and studied it a little longer, and then put it back "They look nice".

"So are you married, John?". Anna pointed to the ring on John's finger. 

"No, I'm not", He chuckled 

He glanced at the photograph again, this time staring at Anna's husband. 

"You're beautiful Anna", John smiled. His smile spreading from one cheekbone to the other and his eyes locked on hers.

"Thanks". She was struck by John's transparency. She sucked in a long breath and sat a little straighter in her seat.

"Mr Morris was saying we would be working as partners for the meantime".

John didn't catch every word, he was still too busy looking at her.

"You have the most beautiful smile" He gave her a wink.

Seconds passed, and she couldn't speak, couldn't think of what to say or do. She had just told him she is married and here he was trying to flirt with her.

John wanted to keep the conversation going, to find out more about her. But he had work to do,hae grabbed the arms of his chair and looked over his shoulder. Mr Morris must had gone to his office, so there's was no longer a reason to stay. He stood and stretched,  then he reached out and shook Anna's hand. "Nice meeting you".

"You too". Anna was replied. 

John nodded at her "see you around". And with that he turned around and walked out of her office and down the hall way.


A few hours later, Jude finished up. He gathered his things and was about leaving when Anita walked in. 

"Do you mind driving me home? I'm feeling pretty tired". 

Jude's heart beat harder than before but he couldn't say no. She was his boss and if she wanted him to drive her to her house, he had no option. 

They both made their way to Anita's car and headed for her house. Jude's heart pounded so hard he thought it might come through his chest and bounce on the wheel. He drummed his fingers on the wheel to hide the tension and kept driving.

Anita leaned towards him and touched him in the groin "How do you feel about that?", She asked, her voice oozing with sex appeal. 

Jude's expression changed immediately. This wasn't the type of conversation a boss should be having with an employee.

"Stop, Anita". This time he looked at her.

"Fine, Jude" Her tone was sharp.

They arrived at Anita's house in less than an hour. The house was huge, more larger than Jude had expected. 

"Would you mind coming in?" Anita asked. 

Jude's mouth hung open. "Inside?".

"Yeah!" She smiled. "Just for a drink".

He looked at her, strucked by the idea. He hesitated only for a moment. 

I'll just go in for a drink or two and that would be all, He thought. 

"This way" Anita held out her hand. He went into the room and she followed from behind. Anita leaned against the door and studied him. 

"You turn me on, Jude" She levelled her gaze at him.

Jude tried to focus. His next words came slowly. "Anita, I'm married."

"Jude, I know" She smiled. "But you need a woman like me."

For a few seconds Jude thought about saying the right answer, the one he had rehearsed for this moment: No, Anita, I  love my wife. I can't do this. But his head spoke before his heart remembered the words. "Anita, I don't..."

Anita walked towards him unbottoning her dress. When she got to him, she let the dress slip off revealing her already erect nipples. 

Jude's jaw dropped. 

"You like what you see?" Her voice was calm and very low. 

"Anita!". Jude voice fell to a whisper. "What are you.....?"

She raised her hands to her lips, as a sign for him to keep quiet. 

"It's for your own good. You will enjoy this, just relax."

"Please, please, don't" He muttered before her lips found his and her hand trailed down his body undressing him. 

Again he couldn't find the strength to fight the moment, Anita was already on top of him. He opened his mouth to speak, but instead, in a pull too strong for him to resist he fell for her.

He knew what was going to happen, but he couldn't stop himself. Could he?.

Anita had ignited something in him. He couldn't withstand her perfect feminine curves, smooth and radiant skin. She smelled good, fresh and clean. 

Then for the briefest moment, he thought about his wife. He had forgotten what she was like in bed. He had waited too long to have a moment like this. 

She kissed him again, the kiss changing from quiet depression to urgent. He closed his eyes tightly as she rammed in and out. When he thought that was all, She slipped under him and held her legs apart. Before he knew it, he was thrusting into her again and again. 

By the time he got home that night, Anna and the children were asleep. He tiptoed into the bathroom, took a shower, and climbed into bed. He couldn't sleep. He tried not to think about Anita, but the more he tried the more he thought about her.





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